Since buying my staffing company over 8 years ago, I have had a unique vantage point to observe our fractured job market.  I have had individuals turn down assignments because of what they were getting in Gov’t benefits, I have had the Department of Economic Security grant benefits to folks that clearly do not deserve them, and I have posted jobs that people simply do not make the effort to apply.  It is not a popular opinion but we must phase these benefits out and soon.  Our already horrible budget deficits and entitlement  programs are sinking our national boat.  This cannot continue or there will be some horrible consequences down the road.    Unfortunately, you will never hear this tough medicine from anyone in Washington or the current crop of candidates.   The gravy train is coming to an end and our children will be paying the bill.


I am currently writing an e-book on the Kindle format about how to find a job in this economy.  I want to make the book especially for people who are currently unemployed and give them a guide that will produce 3-4 good tips in a 20 minute read.  No filler or BS.  I am covering the current job market, social media and the job search, pre, during and post interview tactics and humorous stories I have accumulated about the dumb things applicant do in my office.  I expect to have this done about the first of the year.  I am asking if there are any questions you may have that I could answer in the book.  Please feel free to comment on this page.  Thanks

The more I hash over the economic issues, the more I am convinced there is only one way to fix the problem.  Revamp the tax code…meaning throw it all out!  When I was advising high net worth clients, they had armies of people helping them avoid taxes.  The richer they were, the bigger the tax returns, trust documents and shell corporations, to hide income. Why do we need to do all that?  Because we have a huge industry of lawyers, accountants and specialists that would be out of business.  These folks make a lot of $$$  (and vote) and it won’t be easy ripping that income away from them.  Until you make it easy to pay taxes you will have problems collecting and maintaining your base because people come up with new ways to avoid paying.  Make it easy.  Everyone pays something. Lay offs for the IRS , Lawyers and Accountants are your only downside.  What’s wrong with that?

Today in The Arizona Republic, columnist Laurie Roberts outlined the deadly problems of not using background checks.  In short, a contractor was hired that was performing work in a residential setting.  The contractor broke into a residence and when he found a young man home, he executed him.  If a simple background check was performed it would have told you about this violent offenders sordid past.  Basically someone would still be alive for about 50 bucks.

I realize people with crimes have a hard time finding work but that is not my problem.  Part of our job requires us  to screen people and keep dangerous ones from getting work at our clients businesses.  Plain and simple.  You only have to be wrong once for this type of tragedy to happen.  Performing a screen can save you and your company millions of dollars is lost revenue, customers and livelihood.  If you are currently not background screening and drug testing you are driving on ‘bald tires’.  Hopefully you won’t be in the newspaper someday.

1- Why do we keep discussing the post office and their antiquated service and bloated budget.  Sell it to someone that can make it work.  The employees are overpaid and this program is a luxury we can not afford anymore.

2- Why does everyone wait around for the Fed to do something?  They are only printing money like toilet paper and keeping interest rates at all time lows.  Hey Fed! Do nothing…the market will adjust better by itself.

3- The stock market is a speculator driven free-for-all casino gambling institution. Beware!

4- The past week of interviews has totally convinced me that unemployment will be high (north of 8%) for the foreseeable future.  Companies will only  hire  folks that can add value on day one.  Temping will become even more practical as business deals with increased cost associated with employees.

5- Obamacare is a HUGE contributor to unemployment.  Companies are not hiring because they are concerned about the costs associated with a big Gov’t program.  Sorry liberals, this deal is an economic ‘killer’.

If you are following the stock market and expect that index to give you direction,  you are living in a fantasy world.  That is a casino style gambling atmosphere only understood by the few folks who control all the information and choose what info to divulge, all the while.  lining the pockets of the Dolts that started half of this problem..Now that I got that out of my system…


I know I have said this before but some people just don’t get it..Prez Obama, Congress and our State officials.  Today the National Federation of Independent Business release a sobering survey you should be concerned about.  See the full article at: http://fxn.ws/pxKfvi  .  Here are the stats:

Out of 1800 surveyed

14% cut staff

12% made new hires

Their optimism index has been down for the fourth month in a row.  No new hires?..more people on Gov’t payments, food stamps (45 million people!) AND not paying taxes or spending money on goods.  There are several factors that are a drag on this economy

1- Congress can’t stop spending money.  (budget deal is a joke)

2- Looming Obama-care debacle

3- BS regulation for the little guy while bigger guy gets away with murder

4- People are just plain lazier and our recent graduates can write 2 sentences

5- Banks will only lend if you wrap a stack of cash around your loan app.

Our system of electing people is the ‘go along to get along’ program that keeps about 75% of these idiots in the same job every 2-4 years.  Economics and politics do not go together, and until we get some folks that have actually had to make a payroll  in office…we will continue to flounder through this mess.

That is exactly what the Arizona Department of Economic Security is doing right now.  I have had several cases where the temp assignment ended and another job offer was made..turned down…and benefits granted. Can you believe that?  Here are some others I have learned about:

– Tested positive for drugs on the job- Unemployment benefits granted

– Not showing up for your shift and not calling-Unemployment benefits granted

– Stealing from the employer-Unemployment benefits granted

– Saying you are moving out of State and quitting  job-Unemployment benefits granted

I have many cases that illustrate the lunacy that permeates the DES.  The cost of this travesty is driving up the expenses of every legit employer in this town.  We have a fixed amount of benefit money for the people who deserve it, and they will be shortchanged by the DES so they can support people who don’t want to work.  Think this doesn’t affect you??  Well?

– Do you think some ‘Fairy’ flies down and pays these benefits?

– The increased cost to business makes fewer funds available to spend in the economy

– The cost is passed on  to the end-user ..Oh that is you!

– Less money to spend, means less hiring by business.

I have forgotten to included the cost in man hours to deal with the “DES Kangaroo Court’.  Phone hearings, paperwork, responses, and administration work to give benefits to deadbeats.  Most companies have to employ one person just to deal with them.  Boss Hog from the Dukes of Hazard would be proud to run this group of people.

If this is something that bothers you, please forward to your friends.  I can provide real cases to back up what I am saying, I bet you can find a few folks who realize the DES stands for Destructive to Economic Security

Well…that is a very good question.  So how about some bullet point answers:

1- The flooding, tornadoes, and other disasters are taking a big toll.  When you are digging out your house, you are not working and the companies/ businesses that produce are idle…problem

2- Federal debt has capital scared to deploy.  Long term fix requires harsh cuts in Medicare,  Social Security etc.  Who has the huevos to do it?  Not anyone I have seen!

3-You can’t get a loan without a major proctology exam along with a severe beating.  No loans, small biz can’t grow.  Simple math.

4-Our major industry..construction is in a depression.  What will take its place?  Better question..what 5 industries can take its place.

5- Healthcare plan on horizon.  Don’t like it?  Then get a waiver if you are big enough.  The rest of us just get the shaft.

6- Wage scales in AZ are on the low end and will continue that way until demand picks up for goods and services.  Can’t buy homes, cars, education, clothes, food and gas on poverty level wages..oh and these folks are not paying taxes.  Local AZ Government receipts are down and the food and sales tax increase is being used to help support the bloated salaries and benefits of top officials…not on your schools system.

Going forward we need more representatives that support the small business person…not necessarily the big biz people…they got their bailout.   Small business creates 75% of the job growth and we are wading through the mud of over regulation, lack of capital availability and a generally poor business realtionship with the folks in Washington D.C.

Muddle through people…we will make it!

I have been working through our friendly neighborhood SBA loan program.  It could be the most degrading process ever invented.  Every step of the process is designed to be as painful as possible..quite like doing dentistry in the 18th century.  Not only do you have to provide about 7 inches of paperwork, you must endure idiotic questions from an underwriter that would have trouble running a 2 person convenience store.  Why this is so troubling is that our Federal Gov’t didn’t ask any of these questions of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, or AIG  that were given billions.  Heck, their financials were prepared by the same person that bills out $700 toilet seats at the Pentagon.  Not only does the financial institution get a75% loan guarantee by the Feds (meaning you an me) they want additional collateral for the 25% that is not covered.  SO…they only want to make risk free loans.  Any business that needs a 100%  backing  should not be in business at all. This leads me to 2 conclusions:

1- 75% of new business growth comes from small business.

2- Small business can only apply for risk free loans.

Pity we don’t realize under these conditions the employment and economic picture will continue to be murky because we appreciate the 25% of the job market that eventually lead to the greatest economic boondoggle in 200 years.

Many people that come to the office still think that we make 100% of the employment decisions.  That’s just  not true.  We advise clients on who to hire…but they make the final decision.  Here are some examples:

1- Applicants are upset/rude that they do not fit the job requirements…then act like an ass as they leave the building.

2- We are not at fault for your past criminal activity, boozing behind the wheel, or horrible work history.  That is your fault.

3-We apologize  that we cannot always call back, comfort, or advise everyone we talk to.  Our limited staff can only address open positions and people who qualify for them.

What I do want to point out is that Staffing Companies like ours, can be a good resource for job-seekers.  Treating these businesses with some respect may land you a position later on….instead of burning a bridge.  If you are wondering why employers hire companies like ours…just see the 3 examples above.

YES…we are getting job growth.  Is it the right kind that will sustain our local economy?  Not yet!…I wish they would include the wage ranges of these created jobs, only then would you be able to compare relevant job growth, to merely  minimum wage job growth.  A big difference since we need someone to pay taxes, buy things and create  new opportunities for business growth.  An interesting article in the New York Times yesterday(http://bit.ly/i6Wy0Q)  goes a long way to illustrate this point.  It basically says, a single person needs an income of about $30k a year in order to survive.  That does not include a Bahamas vacation and a new car every 3 years.  Just the basics and some room for savings growth.  Do you know what the Feds have as the poverty level for the same person?  $10,830.  That is a Grand Canyon size gap in actual cash people need to survive.  From my chair,  I see low wage growth in the $10-15/hr jobs, not $35,00 and above.   It is the higher wage job growth we need to fill in for the construction industry implosion that took thousands of higher paying jobs from the State.   Replacement of these ‘lost jobs’ are the key to improving our local economy, and making our State a better place to live.

Let’s lay out some facts:

1- Gas prices are going through the roof

2-Transportation costs for goods are increasing, capacity to move goods has shrunk

3- Small business creates 75% of new job growth

4-Raw materials, insurance, workers comp claims, Government regulation has increased

Take these increased costs out of an already strained budget and you have less money to hire people.  In Arizona, we have a car based economy.  Everything you purchase is moved by a vehicle.  When fuel prices go up, who pays the increased cost?  Some magic fairy?  No,  business and the consumer.  The transportation industry has been taking it in the shorts for years, so they decreased their fleets (less trucks) and now we will all compete for a smaller logistics system to move goods…meaning you will pay more.

It will take time for business and consumers to adjust to the new increases in cost.  Only after this happens, will we be able to move the job market forward…for me its looking like next fall.



Another week of Birther Rights bills and the new Arizona State official firearm.  Don’t confuse me with the tree huggers, I support gun rights but an official State Gun?  No wonder we only are paying below 40k a year for these people…its 30k too much! The State needs job growth not  ridiculous time wasting endeavors…but now to my point. Last week in the Arizona Republic,  Paul Blue, Phoenix’s Community and Economic Director, wrote an article on the City’s support for business is paying off with new jobs.  The problem was, a lot of these companies are bringing in temp, poverty level positions that are meant to be transition jobs, not career opportunities.  Why is this bad?  It’s not,  but these jobs will not produce an economic gain our State needs,  just the the title of ‘Low Wage Capital of the U.S..”  It is good to see Intel and some others expanding do to the higher wages these companies pay..crow about that, not temp positions.  Below is a copy of the email I sent to Mr. Blue and did not get a response . (holding my breath)

Dear Mr. Blue,

I marvel at how City officials like yourself continue to brag about bringing in employers, such as Amazon.com and pretending this is helping our economic growth.  I am a lifelong resident and owner of a staffing company here in Phoenix.   Most of the employers you mention are temp jobs, that pay below poverty level, have no benefits and add nothing to the tax base of the State.  Traditionally these jobs have been for new workers, college kids or people between jobs.  They are now a main source of jobs for people that have nowhere else to turn,  that is why it is ridiculous to cheer that you are helping the economic engine in Phoenix.  I would argue that these job actually cost us more because of the tax breaks offered and the employees still tied to some type of state aid..like Food stamps, WIC or the health system.  Here are the facts from the ground level:

-Amazon uses a temp service to hire these worker for the season…Xmas, Valentine’s day, Mothers day etc.

-At the end of the assignment, hundreds are let go and come to staffing companies like mine

-These folks tell me the Staffing Co. said the will be hired on but it never happens.

-The people taking these job are making about $11.50/hr..Do the math on a 40 hr week.  Poverty level!

-People in these jobs are the displaced 40-50 year olds that can’t find another job.  This type of employment is not designed for that.

I have nothing against these jobs, I do these types myself..but I am not out telling people I am helping economic growth because that is not accurate.  If you want to see what economic grow is see the New York Times article today http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/19/business/19hyundai.html .   Hyundai’s Growth helps Alabama Economy, $20 an hour jobs, suppliers and new businesses entering the market area…That is something to brag about.



I was recently asked by a few colleagues to comment on the state of employment in Arizona.  Unfortunately, I  have not removed my pom-poms from storage as of yet.  That is not what people want to hear but it is a fact…We are going to be in slow growth employment for the foreseeable future.  Job growth openings for my firm are much improved BUT the climate is totally different from years past.  Employers are more cautious when making commitments and they want to see more candidates than ever before.  AND they only want to see the candidates that have industry specific skills.  If you are a ‘career changer’ you are pretty much out of luck.  Background issues can also derail your job search.  We are not talking about the guy/gal that pistol whipped grandma down at the liquor store they robbed but DUI’s and minor offenses.  There are just too many candidates with zero problems to focus on.   Displaced middle age people (like me) are even having a harder time because middle manager positions were just plain eliminated and are now not needed.  Bad news for retirement planning, keeping your home out of foreclosure and feeding your kids.  What is the solution?  Glad you asked.  Our peeps at the Legislature and Governor’s office must focus on attracting good companies to the area.  NOT spending time on fighting the Feds over trivial matters.   When you have this many fires to put out, you need to focus on the big ones…not the dumpster fire.   We are over paying the double dippers and higher city officials like we were running a casino, not a garage sale.  Going forward the only solutions they will come up with is taxing the smaller minority of people and businesses that are actually making money but that well is running dry also.  So jump on the internet and ask your Reps what the heck they are doing down there to get companies to move here or you can expect huge budget cuts and tax increases to compensate for the their continued foolishness.

With the new year brings the opportunity to improve your staff or make some timely additions.  Before you run out thinking that Mr./Mrs. Fantastic is just sitting around waiting for your call…we better get a few things straight:

1- You will not find too many “gems” in the vast amount of unemployed people.  When you do..you better act fast.  I spoke to one prospect that sat on resumes for 3 weeks..guess what?  The good ones were gonzo!

2- Speaking of resumes.  Is that all you are using to screen applicants?  Most of these are just a poorly written commercial complete with BS, incomplete dates of employment and phony schooling.  You must actually talk to people to hire the good ones.  Yes…that means good old-fashioned in person interviews.

3- You cannot hire a person that is great at everything!  You must focus on the 3 areas you need to accomplish and hire for those first.  You will have to train the person on other tasks.

4- Training? Yes, you will actually need to spend time developing your team.  Don’t have the time.  Be prepared for a 20% increase in your salary target for that position.

5- Plan ahead.  Good candidates are cheaper now but as the economy improves, they will be harder to locate and you will be left bidding up your salary’s for the Bronze Medal Winner.  You can quote me on that!

How are businesses doing?  We work with over 85 different companies and it has been better so far.  The problem is lack of funding.  You know how I hate the banks, and they are still not helping with capital to small business.  Unless you have a ton of collateral for a loan, you are not going to get any help from them.  When they loosen up…business will get a lot better!

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I thought today would be a good day to pass along my 2011 predictions for the economy, employment and other stuff I find interesting.  Here we go:

1-Temp work will continue to grow as the economy improves.  But…this will be on the blue-collar and low-end of the wage scale.  50k plus jobs will be hard to find since we are not creating these jobs in the Valley.

2-Gas at 3 bucks a gallon will impact everything since that cost is passed on to the consumer or end-user.  Employment will be hit because your workers  will not be able to commute to low wage jobs across the Valley.  Recruiting for these jobs will be zip code specific.

3-Will banks lend more in 2011?  Only if the Government makes them or mitigates most of their risk.  They appear fat and happy right now.

4-Lawsuits will continue against big banks for their handling of the foreclosure crisis.  More States will sue, even more regulation will pass.  The only thing that changes behavior is ” a large pocketbook deduction” expect that to make our banking system less evil.

5-Obamacare is essentially toast.  Republicans will block funding and try to renegotiate the rules.  Expect this to be a big issue in the next election

6- President Obama wins reelection (yes that is 2012) but I’m calling my shot now.  Economy will be better and the nations mood less sour.  Mr. Obama is taking a play out of Mr. Clintons playbook…move to center.  Plus I don’t see viable candidates to run against him…Sarah Palin?  yea right.

7- Real Estate if you have cash is going to make the next Bill Gates.  Inflation is coming, so get some hard assets.  Forget about bank loans.

8-Hiring will be more difficult.  Enormous amounts of people out of work for years will require tons of money to retrain and get ready to be productive.  Less than 30% of the Hiring Managers actually have had training in interviewing people.  That is mine field of lawsuits waiting to happen.

9-Twitter, Linked-in and Face book will be used more and more as a recruiting tool for workers

10-The New Economy.  Less credit, more cash purchases and buyers looking for a deal.  Don’t have any? You are toast.  Companies will wait longer to buy equipment, hold back on inventories and hire only necessary workers.  Individuals will buy fewer cars, appliances, leisure trips etc until they replenish some of what they have lost over the last few years.  All in all a smarter consumer.

As always, I encourage your debate as well.  Coming up next week my blog review of last years predictions…successes and failures


Call me an old fogie but I still like to read the newspapers every day.  One reason to read The Arizona Republic is the columns by Laurie Roberts.  Her column today deals with the foreclosure crisis and the dummies that make it worse for you and all taxpayers.  See the article at http://www.azcentral.com/members/Blog/LaurieRoberts/108454.   Because we bailed out these insolvent institutions they have no incentive to haggle over your unpaid mortgage.  The worst part is the Feds are using  your own tax dollars to screw you.  Just like a criminal that asks you for ammunition and uses your own gun to shoot you.  Her article points out that we are running people out of properties for far less money than it would take to keep them in the house…Sound dumb?  People complain about the regulation on Wall Street, and foreclosure theft is happening on a daily basis.  Notice that in her article that private investors are more than willing to make a profit off of this government stupidity…I’m annoyed I didn’t think of it first!

Sometimes it’s hard to take our own medicine but I stood outside our office yesterday and saw how many people were coming to St. Mary’s Food Bank..so much that it required parking lot attendants and directional signs. If you are feeling sorry for yourself, stop by 31st Ave and Thomas and see how other people have it.  So I thought up some things we all should do over the holidays.

1-      Stop whining…everyone has been affected by the economic crisis

2-      Exercise more…lose weight, feel better about yourself and for stress relief.

3-      Take time to listen to what people are saying…think about someone else first

4-      Clean your desk…get rid of post-it-notes and junk, coffee stains, leftover food…you’ll look organized even if you are not.

5-      Be a mentor…see someone that has good intentions but needs a little help… You do it!

Have a good Thanksgiving!


Regardless of your political party, we all have been battered with advertising that is over-the-top and juvenile.  It is pretty much a given that the Republicans are going to win the House and I wanted to throw out some predictions on what that is going to mean for employment and the economy going forward.

1- If you run a business,  you will have at least 2 years of “Gridlock” to make proper plans.  No more bailouts, mandates on big items like health care, just good old-fashioned partisanship ( If you don’t think gridlock is good..see Reagan, Bush 1, and Clinton time periods for the benefits).

2- Heath-care plan will get gutted and rewritten.  Since it needs to be funded..expect a hold-out for changes..good for small business.

3- President Obama will fight to the death against the Republicans and vice versa….lots of muscle flexing and posturing.

4- Nothing will be done on the deficit..see reasons above.

5- Economy will recover more in the next 18 months than the prior year.

6-More hiring, but employers will be more particular on the applicants.  Have felonies, criminal DUI’S, sloppy work history, drug misdemeanors..Going to be rough for you.

7-If you live in Arizona, expect our economy to lag the national numbers and our continued focus on items that do not produce income,  jobs, or better infrastructure.

So lets recap..Gridlock Good, Economy better, and unfortunately only 1 more year til they start running those political ads again.


A majority of my employments posts center on the applicants and their actions that lead to continued unemployment.  Today I will focus on the other side of the table.  Below are my thoughts on some of the common mistakes I see with employers:

1- Thinking there are vast numbers of people willing to work for free.  I can assure you that is not true.

2- Fishing…putting up job postings just to shop, with no real intention of making a hiring decision in the near future. Also, warehousing resumes and apps in case we need someone.

3- Asking a staffing company (like mine) to search for a particular candidate.  When candidates are found..we never hear anything back. This wastes your time and mine.  Plus good candidates will be less likely to take you and I seriously in the future.  P.S.  Bad for you and me.

4- Looking for only candidates that have experience in their industry, ignoring others that may turn out to be a better fit in the long run.

One of the great things about owning a staffing company is these errors by both parties help maintain our business.  Although frustrating at times.  My opinion is that employers really think they have people over a barrel in this economy.  In some cases, this is true but the consequences are as follows:

1- Aggressive employers will be able to source the right people, and keep them happy to increase their business.

2-  Employers that have been reasonable (not wimpy)  with existing employees, will reap the benefits of their efforts as the economy improves.  Not lose them to competitors at the exact time they really need them.

3- Paying a fair wage now will maintain your employee base, and keep you from bidding up for the “free agents” later.

As I frequently point out to others…I do not base my opinions on an Ivy League research think tank.  I observe the behaviors and make comments based on cold hard facts, no agenda here.   The economy is tough for everyone but you must begin to plan for a recovery or you will miss the first wave…and the profit it may bring.


That is according to USA today.  There is a bigger problem on the horizon.

What will these workers do for retirement income?

Having no job or savings will put more folks on government assistance in their senior years. Social Security will have to raise capital (taxes) because the stress of fewer people paying into the system.  We may have an entire generation of people needing help from their kids to support themselves.   Generating jobs  is not the government’s business and when they try, they create a bigger mess than before.  Make it easier to do business, reduce payroll taxes, encourage and reward investment…its the only way to turn this job market around.

This continues to be a tough job market in Phoenix but I am still seeing no signs that the unemployed have raised their game to meet the challenge.  For those of you that are new to my blog,  I base all of my comments on street level observations.  No University studies or polls done by groups outside of the employment arena.  I still feel that looking for a job is a skill, that needs to be taught.  Learning while doing only serves to make the unemployed…unemployable.  Here are some recent observations:

1- Making appointments for interviews is a waste of time 60% no-show.

2- Applications contain disconnected or wrong phone numbers.  Some have voice mails with profanity laced hip-hop music.

3- Inappropriate  email addresses like ICYmama@, Umybitch@ or Dadylovesdacrack@ (yes).

4- Starting interview with “I just need a job”, “how many vacation days?” or “my mom is waiting for me in the car”.

5-Answering your cell phone in the interview.

6- Incomplete applications with no job history or gaps in employment.

7- No understanding that DUI’s can keep you from getting a job.

8- Not sending a thank-you for the interview..I have received 2 in the last year.

9-Absolutely no knowledge of what the company actually does. (very lazy considering all the access via internet)

10- Personal hygiene issues, nose hair, uncombed hair, pants and shirts that are to revealing, women with 2 gallons of Charlie perfume doused on 90% of their body.

I know I have  written  about these issues before but apparently no one seems to listen.  With competition for jobs at historically high levels you must make every effort to stand out in the interview.  Even during the last 2 years, an outstanding interview will still land you a job quicker than if you just phone in the performance.  Why is this important?  Because the employed workforce and business is paying a heavy price in unemployment insurance, government benefits and reduced tax revenues.  The costs of the mistakes affect you almost as much as the unemployed.  For everyone’s sake step up your game!

15,000 in Valley vie for jobs at McDonald’s



Although it is good that they have openings, the volume of applicants shows you how desperate people have become.  These jobs have traditionally been for people in transition.  College and High School kids, people looking for a second job…not a primary position.   With minimum wage jobs you generally do not have to pay much in the way of taxes, cannot afford a home and much in the way in discretionary spending.   We need more serious discussions on how we will attract higher paying jobs, which in turn will help the economy here in Arizona.  Support for my argument can be seen in the drop in sales tax revenue, the State was counting on to supposedly balance the budget.  The forecasts are for far less revenue than anticipated.   You know why? People don’t have the money or are scared to spend it…pure and simple.

Here are some of the coming hurdles:

1-      Bush tax cuts are expiring

2-      Elections in November

3-      Unknown higher expenses of health care costs going forward

4-      Frozen credit markets for homes and businesses

Small business will not drag the economy forward until these items are more clear to make reasonable plans.  Right now, cash is king,  because you cannot borrow even if your business model has proven successful.  Sell our State for the right reasons.  We have a large labor force, housing is the cheapest in the country and our weather .  (see earlier post http://tinyurl.com/yf2gwas)  Our political and economic system is broken and the best we can hope for is a Republican  Congress in order to create gridlock.  It sounds dumb but increased meddling by the Feds only makes things worse.

Many economic talking heads are calling for a “double dip” recession.  The problem this causes is that it may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  As more and more of these folks utter these words, individuals and businesses will begin to believe it, even if it would not naturally happen.  The main problem for small business is the lack of bank lending…which will definitely cause the double dip.

Small business accounts for 75% of the job growth and if we are cut off from capital, we are less likely to take risks, only to run out of money.  Most businesses I talk to say that this is the number one reason holding them back from: expansion, purchasing equipment and adding employees.  Add to that,  the uncertainly of: health care reform, the elections, expiring Bush tax cuts and you have all the makings of…exactly what you don’t want…the dreaded “double dip”.

SOLUTION:  You have to make access to capital the main cog in any plan.  Banks are hoarding capital because their balance sheets are full of non-performing assets (real estate). The bailout cash only prolonged the pain and allowed banks to invest in Government securities while paying you zero on your savings.  If you understand this, then you would not loan money either.  Make banks deal on these assets quicker and give incentives to lend…like lower tax rates on legitimate loan income, and see what happens.

Unfortunately our leaders are purely in the game to get reelected.  Sound financial policies come from people who “have to make payroll” not pretenders that like to talk about all day on inane TV ads.

Before I get ranting, I want to point out that the new OBAMACARE will not improve on anything I discuss.  In fact, it will only make it worse.

My son is 16 and has been playing football.  He hurt his thumb last Tuesday and after a few days it just got worse.  So we went to his doctor and got pawned off on the “person playing the doctor” in his office.  She said we would need an x-ray and sent us 10 miles away to get one.  We get the X-ray and then have to wait 2 hours for someone to read it…well I pulled the x-ray out in the car and could see it was broken (for no fee).  Later I got a call from the ‘play doctor’  and she told me he would probably need surgery and gave me a list of hand specialists to call quick!

So I started calling and quickly found out that every specialist was in Del Mar or out playing golf.  My wife and I called some folks and got the name of a specialist that we were able to see yesterday…Great…but when we got there the guy didn’t “do hands”  (this was discussed earlier on the phone with the Bimbo receptionist) They suggested we walk over to Dr. Frumpelnuts next door.   Guess where Doc Frumpelnuts was? …in Del Mar for 3 weeks.

But I digress…Have you spoken to these folks who answer the phone in the Doctor’s offices? First of all, when you ask a question you are responded to with another question: “what insurance do you have?’.  I bet if I was bleeding out in the office reception area, I would still be asked these 4 or 5 questions out of the Doofuss Receptionist’s Handbook for Doctor’s Offices.

So…We finally find someone to look at the thumb, set up a surgery time and get a splint.  I get sent to a special place to buy this splint.  Well it costs $200!  The same splint is at Walgreen’s for 16 bucks.  So before I walked out, I asked the guy why his was so expensive.  He said that “his was better and made well”.  I figured the Chinese kids who made his got more than 2 bucks a week for work, while the Walgreen’s brand worker got a quarter.

BTW did you know Vicodin, the crap that people get addicted to only costs like 3 bucks??  Hell,  My asthma inhaler is $50, so I might as well get high as kite also.

I love to share and I hope you do too..please post some comments or give to a friend to read…and more importantly…STAY HEALTHY

When you have hundreds of people coming into your office for interviews, you develop an opinion of people pretty quick.   I like people to come in, introduce themselves and state the reason for the visit.  Here is an example:  Hi,  my name is Devon Peabody  and I was inquiring about your open positions. Sure Devon!  Here is what I get about 95% of the time:

1- Are you guys a job service?

2- Are you guys Monumental Staffing? (it’s Momentum)

3- My buddy gave me your name and said you could get me a job

4- If this is a staffing service, I hate them ALL!

5- DES sent me to fill out a slip saying I looked for a job

6- Do you have any jobs?

If you think this is just for blue-collar positions your would be mistaken.  All levels of workers commit this error.  Before you enter a staffing company,  research what they do so you can be impressive when you arrive.  Do you know why people act this way in our office? My theory is that folks don’t consider it a “real interview”.  They think we (staffing firms) are some extension of a government office and they can act/say whatever they want.

SOOO practice your greeting and see a few more doors open


Saw an article today that the FED is telling banks to lend to small business. http://www.azcentral.com/business/articles/2010/07/13/20100713bernanke-smallbiz0713.html .   Good idea but why has it taken so long?  I speak to people every day that say if they had access to capital they would probably..buy more equipment, expand and hire employees.  The lack of funding and/or another screw job from Washington has made them cautious.

Our big bailout has paid for studying bugs, making better pencils and probably diapers for Pachyderms.  We forgot that small business accounts for 75% of the hiring.  You don’t need an ivy league education to figure out your main focus.  But somehow we forgot that and implemented new regulations,paperwork and expense for the small business guy and he is doing exactly what a community college econ major would do..maintaining the status quo.

Another article of interest:


Over the last several weeks,  I have had the opportunity to interview currently employed candidates looking for a new job.  What makes these people different is:

1-They weren’t stupid enough to quit a job before they had another one.

2- Almost all said they were under appreciated at their present company.

Why should you care? Because if you are whipping your employees like a three-legged greyhound in the 8th race, you are going to lose them just when you will need them the most.  I am not saying that you should hand hold everyone, but realize  there are a few individuals you will need in order to grow your business going forward.  Many owners I speak with are not seeing this train coming down the track.  I know of an instance where the owner, after giving an across the board salary cut, tooled into work with a 100 grand classic car…can you say STUPID.

What is a guy/gal to do?  If you have cut salaries or benefits,  let the people know you will be able to restore some of these perks when the economy improves.  Buy your office staff a lunch, give movie tickets, fuel gift cards, Starbucks, or time off.  These are small cost-effective items that go along way to showing you as a human being.   So ask yourself a qustion…If the economy would improve substantially tomorrow…how many employees would you lose to others or even worse…COMPETITORS?

Start a damage control program before it’s too late

It should be easy to hire people now…Right?

I would have to disagree.  It is actually harder to hire the ‘right’ people than 3 years ago.  Why do you ask?  Because most businesses kept their very best people.  Marginal workers were let go to join the 5% of the chronically unemployed.  Good workers that got caught up in layoffs are smarter, more equipped to interview and don’t have baggage..But you must see many candidates to wade through the humanity.  We recently interviewed over 25 candidates for one position and looked at hundreds of resumes…Do you have time to do that with your reduced staff?  We do! ( http://www.momentumtrans.com/services.html)

Employment issues with Arizona SB 1070

I have received many invitations, calls and mailers touting legal seminars on our new immigration law.  Many of these events exist solely to enhance the hourly billing of the legal firm.  Why spend thousands of dollars on legal fees when you can hire someone to prevent these problems in the first place…and get a great employee too!

You will generally have more problems with the authorities if you have been doing a poor job of screening, checking ID’s, I-9’s, background checks, and E-Verify.  Please ask us how we can prevent these problems in the first place. (602-477-8193)

Obama Care and the staffing industry

With so many rules yet to be written it is difficult to predict how this will affect the temp-to-perm business.  A lot will depend on the waiting periods for new employees, and the number of people you have on payroll.  I can tell you that cost will increase for everyone when the law takes place.  Stay tuned.

Is there a worker shortage in our future?

With two new immigration laws on the books since the start of the “The Great Recession’, I can foresee a shortage on the low-end of the employment totem pole.  Many skilled workers in construction trades have left the state due to the devastation in that industry.  Nationally we need about 400,000 new commercial drivers because of increased freight demand, retirements and more strict Federal laws.  Where will these workers come from?  And what will we have to pay to get them? I recently spoke to 12 News about the trucking job situation. Check it out here.  http://www.youtube.com/user/MichaelHayesSpeaks

Many people that follow me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/MomentumMike) like when I tweet about what job seekers do in interviews.  If I wasn’t here, I probably would have a hard time believing it.  In a way…it is kind of sad that people really do/say these stupid things.  Oh crap…its hilarious!  Here is a list of 10 things I have been told by job seekers.

1- I am cancelling my interview because I ride a scooter and do not go into Phoenix (kind of limits your job market)

2-Me: What hours are you available for work? Applicant: ALL..but not Sat/sun, Friday PM or at nite + i don’t like the Sun…

3- Applicant cover letter: Hello, I just moved from Illinosi to the Phoenix area and would lovbe to get started working….

4- Applicant just came in with directions on applying ..HIGHLITED, but did not follow them..WTF

5- What does ‘fill out app online and come to the office mean” Apparently, Call about the job, stop by without online app

6- Why did you quit your last job? Applicant: My last boss had a ‘thing’ with being on time…he was an a-hole…

7-Wife hits spouse with application clipboard in office

8- Female applicant wears a tube top, with her breasts resting on my desk (they left a dent)

9- Job applicant: I am here for the welding job. Mike: Did you fill out the application online per instructions? Applicant: NO, you are an A-hole

10-  Guy tried to heat dog urine on way to drug test ( hey, he is having puppies)

Of course, I have a tons more from my seven years in the Staffing Business.  I will be sure to share them along the way so maybe some of these people will wise up.

If it is a 12 round fight we are probably in round 6.   Why do I think we are are in the middle part of this struggle”

-Gold is at an all time high.  Our Government is broke and so are most of the European Union

-The stock market is like a roller coaster and making most people sick.  It is still an ‘insiders’ game.

-Local real estate/building/construction is still in the dumper. No loans for good projects, more home owners may chose to just ‘walk away’

-The credit market is still frozen.  Talked to anyone that has got a business loan lately?

-Natural disasters like oil spills, tornados, flooding..consume vast amounts of resources that cannot be used elsewhere.

-The weight of Obamacare has not really hit the balance sheet of most companies..but it will, leading to less jobs available.

-Our immigration law is costing us money and jobs.  Regardless of what side you are on..’principles’ have a dollar cost.

So what is the good news?  It is not going to get worse!  Locally, we have streamlined business to operate leaner, with less capital, and less workers.  Immigration hoopla will eventually die down, because we have a short memory and limited time.  Homes are more affordable than ever,  and without all of Mother Natures torments, we have a great place to live.  Now we need a full-court press to get some new industry here.  When you are voting make sure you pick someone that recognizes this and don’t get caught up in the ‘irrelevant BS’ we are dealing with currently.

Since I participate in a lot of networking events, I want to outline WHY certain people do not have success at various events.  Excuse my bluntness.

1- The dude that is trying to get laid. Should you really be on the prowl for people that may be a customer? Referral source? Some of the gals I hang with have named these people ‘Creepers’ and when that gets around you don’t have a chance.  It spreads like cancer!

2- The person with alligator arms that never buys drinks. Oh they are happy to jump in on an open tab, but their wallet has cobwebs in it!

3- Having a set number of business cards you feel you need to stuff in everyone’s face.  Take a few minutes to get to know someone first and then proceed with a card swapping.

4-Getting completely jack stomping drunk. If you have a poor tolerance for alcohol try to avoid doing this at the events.  It’s always better to hurl in front of your friends, not prospects.

Are you cosmetically challenged like me? Try the fishing lure trick.  Make sure you have some attractive folks from the opposite sex attend these events with you.  You can just sit back and enjoy talking to the steady stream of people coming your way.  Don’t believe me?  Then why does a fishing lure have all that pretty stuff hiding the hook?  Be the hook!

Good luck at your next event!

Some times it is hard to make a whole post on one item…so I am just going to combine a few.


We interviewed over 150 people this week and I was pretty happy that I was able to find some good candidates for customers.  Some applicants waited for up to an hour for an interview and were still pleasant when it was their turn.  However…some still arrived:

-Without taking a shower

-Smoked/smelled like the cast of Mad Men

-Forgot id’s, motor vehicle records, pen

-Hats backwards, facial piercings

-drinking any water..One guy filled up a gallon jog of our bottled water

People will need to sharpen their skills if they want to find a job in this market.  One thing that bothers me is some people are very happy getting unemployment and won’t do anything unless it is a substantial raise over doing nothing.  That is bothersome.  I think Ben Franklin said something about ‘making poverty too comfortable”  it applies here.


What is my biggest worry about the economy?  That after we have gone into tremendous debt, more government mandates (Obamacare), two wars and a huge amount of unemployment…we will again slip back into a recession early next year.   Half the country is not paying taxes and we have more than doubled our debt…That math just doesn’t work.  Inflation could be a huge problem.   Propping up bad financial institutions makes it hard for borrowers to ‘horse trade’ their debt down..causing the real estate market to continue the flounder longer than necessary.  And the stock market..what is fueling that? Speculation.  Expect a correction.


Any one who reads my stuff regularly knows I can’t stand banks and investment brokerages.  I was in both businesses for a long time and I would be ashamed to be associated with any of them today.  One point…If i robbed the 7-11 for a couple hundred bucks..how much time would I do?  3,5,10 years?  Why is Bernie Madoff the only guy in the can.  Where is the prosecution of WAMU, AIG, Bear Sterns, and Lehman Bros.  These jerks stole BILLIONS and are walking free.  They almost wrecked our country.  Good thing that shoplifter is going to prison though.

When was the last time your heard THANK-YOU from anyone.  I mean from vendors,  people you buy stuff from, hold the door open for, make an important business introduction for..I bet it has been a while.  With all our technology to avoid personal contact some people have forgotten about the power of gratitude.  Hey…its freakin free!  Most of these folks are the same people talking on cell phones in restaurants about last nights meeting at the No Tell Motel..give us all a break.  I make a practice of saying THANK-YOU to my customers/everyone else very  often.  Including: hand written cards, special emails, dropping of donuts, going out for coffee…anything to maintain that relationship.  If you wonder why you lost a big account..ask yourself how many times you showed gratitude to the customer?  My bet is not often enough.

So go forward, my forgetful friends and practice your new-found courtesy call.  THANK-YOU!  For reading.

As a business owner, I am trying to figure out how our new health care bill will impact my business and clients.  So before some of you go off the deep end…I think we need some sort of heath-care legislation but this is not it!   So I put out some requests for info on my social media sites.  One of my friends,  Brent Ghelfi had the most relevant comments.  Brent is not just an ordinary friend.  We have known each other since 6th grade and have a long history of getting into trouble and having strong opinions.  Brent is a business owner, Attorney(yuk), and author.  His comments are based on experience not something he read in a book or heard over at Starbucks from his academic friends.  I am printing his comments below.  The question was:  How will health care impact your business?

1. Fewer ERs will hire FTEs. (full-time employees)
2. Some ERs will try to downsize to below 50 EEs.
3. Some entrepreneurs won’t open new businesses because of the uncertainty, higher costs, and greater risk a bureaucrat or IRS agent will knock on their door and claim they violated some obscure provision of the statute (or one of the even more obscure, weedlike regulations and “statutory interpretations” that are coming soon)…. See More

So, all in all, a mixed bag for the staffing business. Another guy’s headache is good news for the pharmacist, right?

Another way to look at it is this. If you want more of something, subsidize it. If you want less, tax it. We can all speculate about what kind of “more” we’re going to get, but we don’t have to speculate that we’ve just placed a tax on employment.

Did you notice something about his rant?  No mention of Republican, Democrat, Tea Party or other political malcontents.  Because he made a pure economic argument free of all the BS that encompasses everything in the D.C.  Has everyone forgot about economics? We allow people to go to Congress that have never had a real job, are insulated by layers of incompetent staff, and pass laws that they are exempt from.  What a country!

Many of you don’t realize that a majority of this bill is still being written…after is passed!.  That would be like me giving you a contract, you approve it, then I make additions to the document that you must abide by.

It is not a political party thing, it is a common sense thing.  Let people know that 2+2 is still 4 and not 6.   Love that D.C. math!

In this time of high unemployment, stress, and financial hardship, many companies are not regularly giving performance reviews.  Since I am not an attorney (thank-god!),  I wanted to outline why I think it is important to talk with your staff at least 2 times a year. Here are some tips:

-Put together a review sheet you use for everyone.  Being consistent is the key to avoid frivolous lawsuits.

-Make sure you do the review in a private place, away from the nosy office gossip person.

-New workers should get reviewed at 30, 60, 90 days.  Weed out trouble areas early.

-Do interviews close to the end of the day, and let the employee think about it overnight..not discuss it out in the office

-I cover the bad areas first and use the good to finish on a high note.

-Have the employee sign the review and offer to dispute items in writing

Regular reviews keep people on their toes and avoid bad habits.  Between review times, make notes so you can easily put the review together when the time comes.  Personally,  I can’t stand reviews but it is necessary evil if you want a well balanced workplace.

Every few weeks a good rant really makes you feel good…Here goes:

1- The Post Office.  Are you idiots new?  Everyone else has been tightening their belt and you keep losing money by the Billions.  Your staff is generally arrogant and of no help.  You have a bloated pension system and lifetime work…AND it will cost almost 50 cents to mail something.  Sell this bag a junk to private industry and let them revamp the system…we can’t afford it anymore.

2-  Everyone asks..’When is the economy going to get better for me?”.  Answer:  When you can get small business financing without a pound of flesh attached to the paperwork!  No loans, no expansion, no new jobs.

3- Our State tends to get all excited when someone moves here and provides below poverty level wages.    These  pay rates are not going to generate much in the way of taxes or other spending…and they will still need some sort of Gov’t assistance to make it…The Beef is..we paid incentives to these companies through tax breaks ….so we lose both ways.

4-CHASE BANK..I had a credit card with them for 10 years.  I use bill pay and for some reason the payment posted 2 days late..Well…You would have thought I ran naked through the local grade school.  Nasty letters, phone calls to my cell and home..WOW…did we do that when you came begging for money to bailout your stupid institution?  Of course not…You paid yourself a big bonus.  Needless to say, I don’t have their credit card anymore.  P.S.  CHASE BANK  I have a long memory.

You should to!

I thought meeting with the bank involved groveling and trying to prove to them that your business will survive.  Boy…is that a joke.  After speaking with a few friends of mine who are experts in negotiation with banks…I discovered that my/your optimism is the last thing you should be saying…Maybe you thought you read that wrong. So…. I discovered that my/your optimism is the last thing you should be saying.

For example:  You have a credit line under review, building loan, large credit card balance..Whatever.  When you meet with the bank, tell them you are NOT going to make it! Watch how the conversation changes.   Needs some payment relief… tell them you are NOT going to make it! Need the loan termed out or payoff time lengthened… tell them you are NOT going to make it! Hey..you’re not a doofuss like Donald Trump but he does this all the time.  It is called ‘good business ‘when he does it and you are called a ‘deadbeat.’

I am not saying don’t pay your debts.  BUT when financial institutions got a taxpayer sponsored bailout..Hoarded the cash…Paid themselves a fat bonus and…Bent you over the railing…what is your choice?

Everything is negotiable in today’s economy.  So when you are dealing with the banks,  treat them like you would treat any other vendor that takes advantage of you…and watch what happens.

I receive an email from St. Mary’s Foodbank about once per month and the following letter really hits home.  I know they have these type of situations because I drive by their facility almost every day and see the hordes of people waiting for food.  We/you/me could be ‘those people’ tomorrow if circumstances change.  I realize the devastation in Haiti is awful…but are we doing anything for our neighbors here?  Here is the letter..cut out your Starbucks today and send them 5 bucks!


It is nearly impossible to put into words a picture of the extreme hunger that brings folks to St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance. However, the day before Thanksgiving, something happened in our parking lot that left a visual image so vivid we will never forget it.

Just as we were closing our Holiday Food Box distribution – a four-day span where over 55,000 people received emergency food and a turkey for the holiday – a van began to pull away from the distribution site. But rather than leaving the parking lot and pulling into traffic, the driver traveled only a few feet stopped in a restricted area.

A St. Mary’s staff member walked over to kindly let the occupants know they needed to move to a safer area, but before arriving he saw the van door slide open an a middle aged woman draining the water from a plastic container of celery that had just been given out with the other food.

The staff member looked inside the window of the vehicle and saw a family of seven – ranging from little children to adults – opening bags and eating the celery, rolls and fruit from the bags they had received. As our worker told me, they were “not just eating, I mean they were chowing down!” It was as if they were starving for something – anything – to eat; even celery and from a plastic bag.

Staff members quickly assembled additional bags of food and hurried toward the van to make sure the family had more to take home in addition to what they had already eaten. There were squeals and gasps from the children and quiet tears from the adults mixed with nods of thanks.

For this family, it was not just food. It was truly Thanksgiving.

It’s easy for me to provide you with statistics. But they do not really tell the story of the human cost on lives. Most of the people we help are families with adults and who formerly were working but suddenly cannot make ends meet due to unexpected job losses or reductions in work hours. Right here in Phoenix, children are eating celery right out of the bag because they are so hungry.

In St. Mary’s 43-year history, requests for emergency food assistance have never been so great. We are facing a huge winter food crisis as families who have no other place to turn come to the Food Bank for help. Just $30 will provide enough food for over 200 emergency meals.

Please help us make sure that no family is turned away – and that there is more than a bag of celery for a hungry family in a van.

On behalf of the hungry of Arizona,

Terry Shannon

Ever wondered why you don’t hear back from companies after an interview?

Have you asked the company for tips on improving your interview skills?

Wonder why people ignore your calls after an interview?

Do you hear the excuse ‘you are not a good fit for our organization.’

Are you asking yourself …what am I doing wrong?


I was always told back in the 80’s to ask people for feed back if I didn’t get the job…today you would be lucky to receive a phone call..or a callous email.  Government regulations, greedy attorneys and spiteful job seekers have made it impossible to offer constructive criticism without the fear of a lawsuit.  It’s hard to tell someone you smell, that ring in your nose is gross,  the bat ears tattooed on your forehead are creepy, Tarzan could swing from your nose hair and on and on..So your are going to hear…you are just not the right fit, we found a candidate that better suits our needs, you were over qualified..Get the point.

So the next time you do not get feedback from a job interview, have a friend give you a whiff and see if its is something simple:)

Since I bought the staffing company almost 7 years ago,  I always expect an easy day when it rains, or when the TV says it will rain.  Jobless people just don’t look for job when the weather appears to be bad.  We have several openings and only a few people have stopped by…and some of those did not follow directions.  I wish I had a valid theory BUT my advice would be…if you need a job, hope it rains because you will be the only one looking that day!


It is raining again in Phoenix, AZ today…we opened at 8 with positions to fill…no one is here

For the new year, I wanted to revisit some of my blog postings from the past 12 months and add additional comments.  Here we go:

The number 1 employment tip for job seekers is…FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.   The unemployed don’t get it and if you do…you can increase your chances landing a job.

I encouraged people to shop at  Bashas’ (local Arizona grocer)even if it cost you a little morehttps://momentumstaffing.wordpress.com/?s=bashas .  However…as a creditor in the bankrupcy proceedings, I have not heard one thing from them….not even a phone call.  It’s funny but when big business uses the court system for debt relief , its called ‘good business’.  When Joe/Jill Sixpack can’t pay his/her bills and goes into BK…they are called deadbeats.  Just something to ponder.

I thought construction and transportation industries would be humming right now. https://momentumstaffing.wordpress.com/?s=construction.  Due to the stimulus package.  WRONG on that one.  Maybe in a year.

Large banks, credit card companies, brokerage firms all took money from you the Taxpayer and then told you to ‘pound sand’ when you needed help with your bills.  This has not changed and now the propped up companies are booking profits faster than a  ‘Girls gone Wild’ video.

Desperate job seekers need to hold their anger tantrums at the interview. No one owes you a job and being a jerk will not help your situation, only hurt it.

Selling your gold through the mail and at mall kiosks is still a dumb idea. https://momentumstaffing.wordpress.com/2009/02/16/beware-of-new-investment-scams/ . 

My most read blog post is the one I wrote about Jim Cramer on CNBC. https://momentumstaffing.wordpress.com/2009/09/08/an-investment-website-you-can-do-without/ .  I have stopped watching CNBC for this reason and you should also.  Just look at his record and the bonehead calls.  Enough said.

Don’t use animal urine to pass a drug screen.  By the way…that is gross and I have nightmares on how you collected it.  Yea I didn’t blog about it but It just happened again the other day.

Hope you all have a great New Year.  Please come back and visit in 2010!

This is a post I put on AZ central .com.  Re: article in the paper yesterday. Here is the link.


I think the rules of investing have changed forever.  Everything I learned in the investment business and in school is not true.  Most individuals don’t realize that the SEC and the alphabet soup regulators only care about the minutia of the investment business, not the real problems that exist…i.e. Madoff.   The big boys just get a government bailout, or use the court system to circumvent paying the price of bad management.  The problem with the current diversification strategy is almost everything went down in unison, leaving Joe Six-pack out in the cold, 4 or 5 years from retirement.  Market timing is even a bigger joke since this strategy can’t beat the S & P 500 consistently.   Not to mention, the fees these jokers make.  The trading strategies currently being used by the bailout companies are fueling the market right now, a reward for being stupid the last 10 years. The only way you will change the system is to put these guys in the general population of Federal prison and allow the firms to go broke.  Just like it happens in the real world.

I just got back from a week off and I have already had my fill of  job search blunders for the day.  The lowlights:

1- if you are sending a resume, please attach it.  It works better that way

2- If you use a cell phone as your contact number..DON’T..have your peeps answer and yell into the phone or call you by your nickname: BOXHEAD,  take the call in the bathroom,  answer when you just got up from bed, have ‘copkiller’ or some other 3 minute rap song as a ring back,  have your girlfriend/wife assume it’s the ‘other women’  calling and give my girls the 3rd degree.

3- Use wierd fonts that cause old people like me a headache when reading your resume.

4- avoid facial tattoos like swastikas (YES), tear drops, wierd cryptic numbers or drawings.

5-Spell check your emails/resume

I know you are laughing but this happens every day…to people from all backgrounds. If you are not getting any call backs for jobs…this may be the reason


Frankly, I don’t have a clue.  What I do know is:

-Consumers are not spending and economic production is trying to balance demand vs. supply

-If you are a retailer and you are not discounting…you will die.  I went to Kohl’s the other nite and it was packed.  Everything  was on sale.

-The health care deal will hurt small business the most…and will not solve the problem of the uninsured.

-The bottom lines on our major corporations look better due to cost cutting and productivity gains…not on real top-line growth.  Increasing income from cost reductions are not going to help this year.

-Wall Street is still playing games with YOUR money.  Making all the profits from brokerage/trading operations…Simply:  Math Geeks back on the ‘roids’

– Our workforce is not prepared for this type of job market and making poverty comfortable should not be the Government’s main job.

How can the market double since March in this environment?  I would like to hear your thoughts

I saw that the President was going to have a job summit with business leaders. Since I won’t be invited, I thought I would just give him some ideas:

1- If you can’t borrow, you can’t hire. Business opportunities abound but only for those with a fistful of cash. Make more small business loans. (Without 1200 pages of paperwork)

2- Have a capital gains holiday for the next year. This will free up capital for reinvestment.

 3- Reduce the payroll tax. Give businesses more money to spend.

You can’t create jobs, without credit and demand for your products. Unemployment will remain high because Johnny Businessman won’t commit to new capital expenditures, or new employees because he cannot get the financing he needs to sustain the growth. Pretty simple. Hope He is listening.

 Before we begin, I would like to clarify the importance of the unemployment rate. Most economists (the nerds) will agree that it is a ‘lagging indicator’, meaning it reflects data in the past and does not accurately represent the current situation. Actually we will experience an improvement in the unemployment rate 3-6 months before that improvement is represented in the rate reported. That being said, why do I think the ‘real’ unemployment rate is closer to 20% than to the reported 10%?

1. Many jobs have been reduced to part-time or are less than 40 hours and are not accounted for in the rate.

 2. There are millions of discouraged workers who were banging the pavement and could not find work so they stopped looking.

3. There are still 4-6% of the work force that never has been able to keep a job and I see this number rising as desperation continues.

The danger we face is the number of ‘almost unemployed’. These are the families that are making less because of salary cuts, a cut in hours, or one member of the family is now unemployed. They are teetering on the ability to pay their obligations and one more layoff could force them into bankruptcy. This is a middle class problem that can tip the scales of the whole economy. We have bailed out all the big guys and have done nothing to help small businesses and families prosper. As I have stated in the past, if we do not get credit flowing again, this crisis will have a long, drawn-out recovery.

 Last week I read an interesting article in the New York Times by Joe Nocera http://tinyurl.com/yhnsope.  He was taking Goldman Sachs (sacks) out to the wood shed for giving such high bonuses after they were given your cash to survive.   It is not only bad PR but a horrible business practice.  Giving them this money with few strings, allowed them to return to profitibilty and play the same math games with the financial system.  Basically, there was little pain involved for them and they did not learn a lesson from their bad decisions.  On the other hand, Joe Six Pack is paying the price in job loss, foreclousres etc. 

The small business person is forced to increase his collateral for loans and credit lines he repaid many times over, because he does not have access to the Federal printing press.  New legislation to protect the credit card user was gutted by everyone gouging for interest rate increases and additional fees before the laws become active.  Credit Card companies know that you can’t go somewhere else because no one is lending.  Hey…but thanks for the free handout, now we are going to punch you in the face!

 GMAC the financial arm of General Motors (Obama Motors) is asking for a third bailout.  If you can’t make it after two, then you need to go away.  What about legitimate small businesses looking for capital?  Too bad, we are going to prop up the dying three-legged donkey, and we will use your tax dollars to do it.  Am I the only person that thinks this is stupid?


It wouldn’t shock me to see Big Oil and Arab country reps in a room High-Fiving each other as the prices shoot through the roof!