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I was recently asked by a few colleagues to comment on the state of employment in Arizona.  Unfortunately, I  have not removed my pom-poms from storage as of yet.  That is not what people want to hear but it is a fact…We are going to be in slow growth employment for the foreseeable future.  Job growth openings for my firm are much improved BUT the climate is totally different from years past.  Employers are more cautious when making commitments and they want to see more candidates than ever before.  AND they only want to see the candidates that have industry specific skills.  If you are a ‘career changer’ you are pretty much out of luck.  Background issues can also derail your job search.  We are not talking about the guy/gal that pistol whipped grandma down at the liquor store they robbed but DUI’s and minor offenses.  There are just too many candidates with zero problems to focus on.   Displaced middle age people (like me) are even having a harder time because middle manager positions were just plain eliminated and are now not needed.  Bad news for retirement planning, keeping your home out of foreclosure and feeding your kids.  What is the solution?  Glad you asked.  Our peeps at the Legislature and Governor’s office must focus on attracting good companies to the area.  NOT spending time on fighting the Feds over trivial matters.   When you have this many fires to put out, you need to focus on the big ones…not the dumpster fire.   We are over paying the double dippers and higher city officials like we were running a casino, not a garage sale.  Going forward the only solutions they will come up with is taxing the smaller minority of people and businesses that are actually making money but that well is running dry also.  So jump on the internet and ask your Reps what the heck they are doing down there to get companies to move here or you can expect huge budget cuts and tax increases to compensate for the their continued foolishness.


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I thought today would be a good day to pass along my 2011 predictions for the economy, employment and other stuff I find interesting.  Here we go:

1-Temp work will continue to grow as the economy improves.  But…this will be on the blue-collar and low-end of the wage scale.  50k plus jobs will be hard to find since we are not creating these jobs in the Valley.

2-Gas at 3 bucks a gallon will impact everything since that cost is passed on to the consumer or end-user.  Employment will be hit because your workers  will not be able to commute to low wage jobs across the Valley.  Recruiting for these jobs will be zip code specific.

3-Will banks lend more in 2011?  Only if the Government makes them or mitigates most of their risk.  They appear fat and happy right now.

4-Lawsuits will continue against big banks for their handling of the foreclosure crisis.  More States will sue, even more regulation will pass.  The only thing that changes behavior is ” a large pocketbook deduction” expect that to make our banking system less evil.

5-Obamacare is essentially toast.  Republicans will block funding and try to renegotiate the rules.  Expect this to be a big issue in the next election

6- President Obama wins reelection (yes that is 2012) but I’m calling my shot now.  Economy will be better and the nations mood less sour.  Mr. Obama is taking a play out of Mr. Clintons playbook…move to center.  Plus I don’t see viable candidates to run against him…Sarah Palin?  yea right.

7- Real Estate if you have cash is going to make the next Bill Gates.  Inflation is coming, so get some hard assets.  Forget about bank loans.

8-Hiring will be more difficult.  Enormous amounts of people out of work for years will require tons of money to retrain and get ready to be productive.  Less than 30% of the Hiring Managers actually have had training in interviewing people.  That is mine field of lawsuits waiting to happen.

9-Twitter, Linked-in and Face book will be used more and more as a recruiting tool for workers

10-The New Economy.  Less credit, more cash purchases and buyers looking for a deal.  Don’t have any? You are toast.  Companies will wait longer to buy equipment, hold back on inventories and hire only necessary workers.  Individuals will buy fewer cars, appliances, leisure trips etc until they replenish some of what they have lost over the last few years.  All in all a smarter consumer.

As always, I encourage your debate as well.  Coming up next week my blog review of last years predictions…successes and failures


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If it is a 12 round fight we are probably in round 6.   Why do I think we are are in the middle part of this struggle”

-Gold is at an all time high.  Our Government is broke and so are most of the European Union

-The stock market is like a roller coaster and making most people sick.  It is still an ‘insiders’ game.

-Local real estate/building/construction is still in the dumper. No loans for good projects, more home owners may chose to just ‘walk away’

-The credit market is still frozen.  Talked to anyone that has got a business loan lately?

-Natural disasters like oil spills, tornados, flooding..consume vast amounts of resources that cannot be used elsewhere.

-The weight of Obamacare has not really hit the balance sheet of most companies..but it will, leading to less jobs available.

-Our immigration law is costing us money and jobs.  Regardless of what side you are on..’principles’ have a dollar cost.

So what is the good news?  It is not going to get worse!  Locally, we have streamlined business to operate leaner, with less capital, and less workers.  Immigration hoopla will eventually die down, because we have a short memory and limited time.  Homes are more affordable than ever,  and without all of Mother Natures torments, we have a great place to live.  Now we need a full-court press to get some new industry here.  When you are voting make sure you pick someone that recognizes this and don’t get caught up in the ‘irrelevant BS’ we are dealing with currently.

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For the new year, I wanted to revisit some of my blog postings from the past 12 months and add additional comments.  Here we go:

The number 1 employment tip for job seekers is…FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.   The unemployed don’t get it and if you do…you can increase your chances landing a job.

I encouraged people to shop at  Bashas’ (local Arizona grocer)even if it cost you a little morehttps://momentumstaffing.wordpress.com/?s=bashas .  However…as a creditor in the bankrupcy proceedings, I have not heard one thing from them….not even a phone call.  It’s funny but when big business uses the court system for debt relief , its called ‘good business’.  When Joe/Jill Sixpack can’t pay his/her bills and goes into BK…they are called deadbeats.  Just something to ponder.

I thought construction and transportation industries would be humming right now. https://momentumstaffing.wordpress.com/?s=construction.  Due to the stimulus package.  WRONG on that one.  Maybe in a year.

Large banks, credit card companies, brokerage firms all took money from you the Taxpayer and then told you to ‘pound sand’ when you needed help with your bills.  This has not changed and now the propped up companies are booking profits faster than a  ‘Girls gone Wild’ video.

Desperate job seekers need to hold their anger tantrums at the interview. No one owes you a job and being a jerk will not help your situation, only hurt it.

Selling your gold through the mail and at mall kiosks is still a dumb idea. https://momentumstaffing.wordpress.com/2009/02/16/beware-of-new-investment-scams/ . 

My most read blog post is the one I wrote about Jim Cramer on CNBC. https://momentumstaffing.wordpress.com/2009/09/08/an-investment-website-you-can-do-without/ .  I have stopped watching CNBC for this reason and you should also.  Just look at his record and the bonehead calls.  Enough said.

Don’t use animal urine to pass a drug screen.  By the way…that is gross and I have nightmares on how you collected it.  Yea I didn’t blog about it but It just happened again the other day.

Hope you all have a great New Year.  Please come back and visit in 2010!

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I usually only have a blog entry once per week, unless I hear something that would cause the non-existent hair on my neck to stand up.  Today was one of those days.  I heard an advertisement on CNBC (Sirius/XM) for www.Getcramer.com.  Jim Cramer, the CNBC stock pundit, is selling a service to notify you of his stock picks before he buys them (obviously to conform to SEC regulations).  Is this the same Cramer that around January 24, 2009 told you to purchase Bear Stearns because it had a “limited downside”? Is this the same Cramer that said in mid March 2009, Bear Stearns is fine!  Didn’t they go belly-up perhaps causing some of the major problems we are currently in?

 Don’t believe me, see the video of his comments at:   http://tinyurl.com/bqrue6.

 I was in this business for many years and not everyone can be right, but this guy is no longer a professional investor.  He is a carnival barker.  If you want to see one, just go to the circus or any state fair in the area.  If watching this guy made you rich, then all of his listeners would be rich- but they are not!  It is reprehensible that CNBC is allowing this guy to advertise on their station, using his fame and probably insider knowledge, to sell an investment website.  You would be better off putting your money in the mattress or blowing it on a hand of blackjack in Las Vegas.  Take a pass on his website and on CNBC.

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