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Sometimes it’s hard to take our own medicine but I stood outside our office yesterday and saw how many people were coming to St. Mary’s Food Bank..so much that it required parking lot attendants and directional signs. If you are feeling sorry for yourself, stop by 31st Ave and Thomas and see how other people have it.  So I thought up some things we all should do over the holidays.

1-      Stop whining…everyone has been affected by the economic crisis

2-      Exercise more…lose weight, feel better about yourself and for stress relief.

3-      Take time to listen to what people are saying…think about someone else first

4-      Clean your desk…get rid of post-it-notes and junk, coffee stains, leftover food…you’ll look organized even if you are not.

5-      Be a mentor…see someone that has good intentions but needs a little help… You do it!

Have a good Thanksgiving!



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