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I am currently writing an e-book on the Kindle format about how to find a job in this economy.  I want to make the book especially for people who are currently unemployed and give them a guide that will produce 3-4 good tips in a 20 minute read.  No filler or BS.  I am covering the current job market, social media and the job search, pre, during and post interview tactics and humorous stories I have accumulated about the dumb things applicant do in my office.  I expect to have this done about the first of the year.  I am asking if there are any questions you may have that I could answer in the book.  Please feel free to comment on this page.  Thanks


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With the new year brings the opportunity to improve your staff or make some timely additions.  Before you run out thinking that Mr./Mrs. Fantastic is just sitting around waiting for your call…we better get a few things straight:

1- You will not find too many “gems” in the vast amount of unemployed people.  When you do..you better act fast.  I spoke to one prospect that sat on resumes for 3 weeks..guess what?  The good ones were gonzo!

2- Speaking of resumes.  Is that all you are using to screen applicants?  Most of these are just a poorly written commercial complete with BS, incomplete dates of employment and phony schooling.  You must actually talk to people to hire the good ones.  Yes…that means good old-fashioned in person interviews.

3- You cannot hire a person that is great at everything!  You must focus on the 3 areas you need to accomplish and hire for those first.  You will have to train the person on other tasks.

4- Training? Yes, you will actually need to spend time developing your team.  Don’t have the time.  Be prepared for a 20% increase in your salary target for that position.

5- Plan ahead.  Good candidates are cheaper now but as the economy improves, they will be harder to locate and you will be left bidding up your salary’s for the Bronze Medal Winner.  You can quote me on that!

How are businesses doing?  We work with over 85 different companies and it has been better so far.  The problem is lack of funding.  You know how I hate the banks, and they are still not helping with capital to small business.  Unless you have a ton of collateral for a loan, you are not going to get any help from them.  When they loosen up…business will get a lot better!

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For the new year, I wanted to revisit some of my blog postings from the past 12 months and add additional comments.  Here we go:

The number 1 employment tip for job seekers is…FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.   The unemployed don’t get it and if you do…you can increase your chances landing a job.

I encouraged people to shop at  Bashas’ (local Arizona grocer)even if it cost you a little morehttps://momentumstaffing.wordpress.com/?s=bashas .  However…as a creditor in the bankrupcy proceedings, I have not heard one thing from them….not even a phone call.  It’s funny but when big business uses the court system for debt relief , its called ‘good business’.  When Joe/Jill Sixpack can’t pay his/her bills and goes into BK…they are called deadbeats.  Just something to ponder.

I thought construction and transportation industries would be humming right now. https://momentumstaffing.wordpress.com/?s=construction.  Due to the stimulus package.  WRONG on that one.  Maybe in a year.

Large banks, credit card companies, brokerage firms all took money from you the Taxpayer and then told you to ‘pound sand’ when you needed help with your bills.  This has not changed and now the propped up companies are booking profits faster than a  ‘Girls gone Wild’ video.

Desperate job seekers need to hold their anger tantrums at the interview. No one owes you a job and being a jerk will not help your situation, only hurt it.

Selling your gold through the mail and at mall kiosks is still a dumb idea. https://momentumstaffing.wordpress.com/2009/02/16/beware-of-new-investment-scams/ . 

My most read blog post is the one I wrote about Jim Cramer on CNBC. https://momentumstaffing.wordpress.com/2009/09/08/an-investment-website-you-can-do-without/ .  I have stopped watching CNBC for this reason and you should also.  Just look at his record and the bonehead calls.  Enough said.

Don’t use animal urine to pass a drug screen.  By the way…that is gross and I have nightmares on how you collected it.  Yea I didn’t blog about it but It just happened again the other day.

Hope you all have a great New Year.  Please come back and visit in 2010!

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Sometimes when I try to think of a good blog entry, I find myself reaching to come up with something relevant.  This is that type of week.  However, I do have some general comments about a wide variety of topics.  Here are some:

 1-      Number 1 reason people can’t find a job.  Failure to follow simple directions in the posting.  It is mind-boggling.

2-      Many job seekers have left past employers with little or no notice, failed to show up for work one day, or actually told the boss to go ‘shove it’.  Not good for recommendations and even worse to mention in the interview.

3-      We had someone mention ‘Tent City’ as a past employer…No really!

4-      Please don’t stop at 7-11 and buy a ‘forty’ before you interview.

5-      One applicant was offered a job and then showed up for a drug screen with 107-degree pee…that is why you don’t use the microwaves at convenience stores.

6-      American Express- the worst credit card company in the world..See earlier post.  Sorry, I just keep picking that scab.

7-      The citizen outrage on the healthcare debate is no joke and the political capital President Obama is spending will strangle the rest of his agenda.

8-      Banks still are not lending and booking profits like a loan shark.

9-      If you use a staffing company in Arizona, you better make sure that they are checking ids and using E-verify.  You will be responsible also if they are not.  Sheriff Joe will be stopping by to interrupt your day.

10-  Resumes are overrated.  Spending time on the Internet sending your resume is not looking for a job, it is a ticket to continued unemployment.

 We have had an uptick in business this week.  Companies that have cut back staff are looking for quality hires.  If you have a hopscotch background it is very difficult to compete in this market.  Face time with hiring managers either through industry contacts, friends or networking groups is a must.  If you have not been cultivating these relationships over the years, it may be too late to start

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 If you have been an AMEX account holder you will find their new ad just plain hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSkA91_nURo This is the same company that back- stabbed their longtime loyal customers less than a year ago. Do I sound bitter? You bet I am. Here’s a quick synopsis:

AMEX, who changed to a bank holding company so they could partake in the giant Government bailout, slashed credit limits and lines of credit with practically no notice. After people like myself were embarrassed by check and credit being turned away from vendors they had the intestinal fortitude (usually referred to as ‘balls’) to tell many of us they were ‘limiting their exposure’. Well guess what? I am going to ‘ limit my exposure’ by not using them going forward. In a word, let’s all boycott them. If you think this is a one sided blog, just check out Google for hundreds of stories that are similar to mine.

They profess in the new ad that ‘small business is the backbone of the economy’ but when people who pay their bills on time every month needed them…they told us to get lost. Makes you feel good that we..The Taxpayer…bailed them out. Who bailed out us?

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