I am currently writing an e-book on the Kindle format about how to find a job in this economy.  I want to make the book especially for people who are currently unemployed and give them a guide that will produce 3-4 good tips in a 20 minute read.  No filler or BS.  I am covering the current job market, social media and the job search, pre, during and post interview tactics and humorous stories I have accumulated about the dumb things applicant do in my office.  I expect to have this done about the first of the year.  I am asking if there are any questions you may have that I could answer in the book.  Please feel free to comment on this page.  Thanks


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Well…that is a very good question.  So how about some bullet point answers:

1- The flooding, tornadoes, and other disasters are taking a big toll.  When you are digging out your house, you are not working and the companies/ businesses that produce are idle…problem

2- Federal debt has capital scared to deploy.  Long term fix requires harsh cuts in Medicare,  Social Security etc.  Who has the huevos to do it?  Not anyone I have seen!

3-You can’t get a loan without a major proctology exam along with a severe beating.  No loans, small biz can’t grow.  Simple math.

4-Our major industry..construction is in a depression.  What will take its place?  Better question..what 5 industries can take its place.

5- Healthcare plan on horizon.  Don’t like it?  Then get a waiver if you are big enough.  The rest of us just get the shaft.

6- Wage scales in AZ are on the low end and will continue that way until demand picks up for goods and services.  Can’t buy homes, cars, education, clothes, food and gas on poverty level wages..oh and these folks are not paying taxes.  Local AZ Government receipts are down and the food and sales tax increase is being used to help support the bloated salaries and benefits of top officials…not on your schools system.

Going forward we need more representatives that support the small business person…not necessarily the big biz people…they got their bailout.   Small business creates 75% of the job growth and we are wading through the mud of over regulation, lack of capital availability and a generally poor business realtionship with the folks in Washington D.C.

Muddle through people…we will make it!

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I thought today would be a good day to pass along my 2011 predictions for the economy, employment and other stuff I find interesting.  Here we go:

1-Temp work will continue to grow as the economy improves.  But…this will be on the blue-collar and low-end of the wage scale.  50k plus jobs will be hard to find since we are not creating these jobs in the Valley.

2-Gas at 3 bucks a gallon will impact everything since that cost is passed on to the consumer or end-user.  Employment will be hit because your workers  will not be able to commute to low wage jobs across the Valley.  Recruiting for these jobs will be zip code specific.

3-Will banks lend more in 2011?  Only if the Government makes them or mitigates most of their risk.  They appear fat and happy right now.

4-Lawsuits will continue against big banks for their handling of the foreclosure crisis.  More States will sue, even more regulation will pass.  The only thing that changes behavior is ” a large pocketbook deduction” expect that to make our banking system less evil.

5-Obamacare is essentially toast.  Republicans will block funding and try to renegotiate the rules.  Expect this to be a big issue in the next election

6- President Obama wins reelection (yes that is 2012) but I’m calling my shot now.  Economy will be better and the nations mood less sour.  Mr. Obama is taking a play out of Mr. Clintons playbook…move to center.  Plus I don’t see viable candidates to run against him…Sarah Palin?  yea right.

7- Real Estate if you have cash is going to make the next Bill Gates.  Inflation is coming, so get some hard assets.  Forget about bank loans.

8-Hiring will be more difficult.  Enormous amounts of people out of work for years will require tons of money to retrain and get ready to be productive.  Less than 30% of the Hiring Managers actually have had training in interviewing people.  That is mine field of lawsuits waiting to happen.

9-Twitter, Linked-in and Face book will be used more and more as a recruiting tool for workers

10-The New Economy.  Less credit, more cash purchases and buyers looking for a deal.  Don’t have any? You are toast.  Companies will wait longer to buy equipment, hold back on inventories and hire only necessary workers.  Individuals will buy fewer cars, appliances, leisure trips etc until they replenish some of what they have lost over the last few years.  All in all a smarter consumer.

As always, I encourage your debate as well.  Coming up next week my blog review of last years predictions…successes and failures


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Sometimes it’s hard to take our own medicine but I stood outside our office yesterday and saw how many people were coming to St. Mary’s Food Bank..so much that it required parking lot attendants and directional signs. If you are feeling sorry for yourself, stop by 31st Ave and Thomas and see how other people have it.  So I thought up some things we all should do over the holidays.

1-      Stop whining…everyone has been affected by the economic crisis

2-      Exercise more…lose weight, feel better about yourself and for stress relief.

3-      Take time to listen to what people are saying…think about someone else first

4-      Clean your desk…get rid of post-it-notes and junk, coffee stains, leftover food…you’ll look organized even if you are not.

5-      Be a mentor…see someone that has good intentions but needs a little help… You do it!

Have a good Thanksgiving!


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Since I participate in a lot of networking events, I want to outline WHY certain people do not have success at various events.  Excuse my bluntness.

1- The dude that is trying to get laid. Should you really be on the prowl for people that may be a customer? Referral source? Some of the gals I hang with have named these people ‘Creepers’ and when that gets around you don’t have a chance.  It spreads like cancer!

2- The person with alligator arms that never buys drinks. Oh they are happy to jump in on an open tab, but their wallet has cobwebs in it!

3- Having a set number of business cards you feel you need to stuff in everyone’s face.  Take a few minutes to get to know someone first and then proceed with a card swapping.

4-Getting completely jack stomping drunk. If you have a poor tolerance for alcohol try to avoid doing this at the events.  It’s always better to hurl in front of your friends, not prospects.

Are you cosmetically challenged like me? Try the fishing lure trick.  Make sure you have some attractive folks from the opposite sex attend these events with you.  You can just sit back and enjoy talking to the steady stream of people coming your way.  Don’t believe me?  Then why does a fishing lure have all that pretty stuff hiding the hook?  Be the hook!

Good luck at your next event!

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I wanted to compile some thoughts on my recent visits, with customers, vendors and friends over the past few weeks along with some other observations:  

  • The guy who works the front desk at my gym was asleep all three days I visited the facility.  Today he had on a hooded sweatshirt on backwards covering his face while sitting upright.  I wrote about the same guy months ago (http://tinyurl.com/yc4lojf) and he is still there!
  • I went to a presentation by a local bank.  The president said we had a morale obligation to pay our debts (mortgage, credit cards etc).  This is from someone who got bailout money.   He didn’t talk about how the bank was pulling credit lines, reducing loans for customers who were never late on a payment or delinquent.  Moral obligation?
  • I was not in favor of bailouts but when we have a line around the block downtown today, so people can get help on their mortgage…that is a HUGE problem.  Who is bailing out ‘Joe Six-pack’…and what’s worse is he is providing the tax dollars to help others…who made worse decisions than him.
  • I feel the local job market is about the worst it can get…does not look like any relief anytime soon.  I predict that when the economy improves, companies will temp workers to make sure it will be sustained.
  • Most networking events I attend are full of people using used car selling tactics that run off most of the good people.  If you are doing this?  STOP
  • Most customers I speak with are pretty down about their business in general, what will be the catalyst to change our opinion? 

As always, I welcome your comments either good or bad.  If you have  questions or concerns regarding interviewing tips, see our website and YouTube site for advice.  You can see both at http://www.momentumtrans.com/

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For people that know me, sappy stuff is not really my bag. However, sometimes I see something that makes me think a bit harder than normal (And yes it hurts).  Today was one of those days.

I attended my Toastmasters meeting today and there was a humorous speech contest.  The point of the contest was to be humorous.  One of the speakers’ started to talk about a fall his father recently had that landed him in the hospital.  During the speech he broke down crying about his dad’s condition, I suppose because he realized his father was mortal and eventually would not be around.  Maybe this was the first opportunity he had given himself to step back and realize how important his father is to him.  While I watched I was thinking if this is a humorous speech, what would be the speaker’s serious one?  He got t-boned in a car wreck?

 I had a similar event after being on heavy pain medication after a dirt bike accident.  I removed the pain patches, stopped all the Vicodin and suddenly became in tune with my feminine side.  This was complete with crying, telling everyone I loved them and having my friend leave work to come over and knock some sense into me.

 I had both of my parents die early.  One from a heart attack at sixty-four and another by her own hand at 42, so I could sympathize with the speaker’s plight.  He realized that a person of great importance to him would not live forever and he better make sure he knows how much his son cared…or he may not get another chance.

So, the point of this story is, there are many of us that have faced numerous negative impacts in light of the recession including job loss, financial hardship, rising mortgage payments, and more. It is easy to get so engulfed by the negative that you forget about the positives that still exist. Don’t forget to stop for a moment, take a step back, a deep breath, and remember what and who is truly important to you.

End of sap!

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