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Before I get ranting, I want to point out that the new OBAMACARE will not improve on anything I discuss.  In fact, it will only make it worse.

My son is 16 and has been playing football.  He hurt his thumb last Tuesday and after a few days it just got worse.  So we went to his doctor and got pawned off on the “person playing the doctor” in his office.  She said we would need an x-ray and sent us 10 miles away to get one.  We get the X-ray and then have to wait 2 hours for someone to read it…well I pulled the x-ray out in the car and could see it was broken (for no fee).  Later I got a call from the ‘play doctor’  and she told me he would probably need surgery and gave me a list of hand specialists to call quick!

So I started calling and quickly found out that every specialist was in Del Mar or out playing golf.  My wife and I called some folks and got the name of a specialist that we were able to see yesterday…Great…but when we got there the guy didn’t “do hands”  (this was discussed earlier on the phone with the Bimbo receptionist) They suggested we walk over to Dr. Frumpelnuts next door.   Guess where Doc Frumpelnuts was? …in Del Mar for 3 weeks.

But I digress…Have you spoken to these folks who answer the phone in the Doctor’s offices? First of all, when you ask a question you are responded to with another question: “what insurance do you have?’.  I bet if I was bleeding out in the office reception area, I would still be asked these 4 or 5 questions out of the Doofuss Receptionist’s Handbook for Doctor’s Offices.

So…We finally find someone to look at the thumb, set up a surgery time and get a splint.  I get sent to a special place to buy this splint.  Well it costs $200!  The same splint is at Walgreen’s for 16 bucks.  So before I walked out, I asked the guy why his was so expensive.  He said that “his was better and made well”.  I figured the Chinese kids who made his got more than 2 bucks a week for work, while the Walgreen’s brand worker got a quarter.

BTW did you know Vicodin, the crap that people get addicted to only costs like 3 bucks??  Hell,  My asthma inhaler is $50, so I might as well get high as kite also.

I love to share and I hope you do too..please post some comments or give to a friend to read…and more importantly…STAY HEALTHY


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