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If you are following the stock market and expect that index to give you direction,  you are living in a fantasy world.  That is a casino style gambling atmosphere only understood by the few folks who control all the information and choose what info to divulge, all the while.  lining the pockets of the Dolts that started half of this problem..Now that I got that out of my system…


I know I have said this before but some people just don’t get it..Prez Obama, Congress and our State officials.  Today the National Federation of Independent Business release a sobering survey you should be concerned about.  See the full article at: http://fxn.ws/pxKfvi  .  Here are the stats:

Out of 1800 surveyed

14% cut staff

12% made new hires

Their optimism index has been down for the fourth month in a row.  No new hires?..more people on Gov’t payments, food stamps (45 million people!) AND not paying taxes or spending money on goods.  There are several factors that are a drag on this economy

1- Congress can’t stop spending money.  (budget deal is a joke)

2- Looming Obama-care debacle

3- BS regulation for the little guy while bigger guy gets away with murder

4- People are just plain lazier and our recent graduates can write 2 sentences

5- Banks will only lend if you wrap a stack of cash around your loan app.

Our system of electing people is the ‘go along to get along’ program that keeps about 75% of these idiots in the same job every 2-4 years.  Economics and politics do not go together, and until we get some folks that have actually had to make a payroll  in office…we will continue to flounder through this mess.


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Well…that is a very good question.  So how about some bullet point answers:

1- The flooding, tornadoes, and other disasters are taking a big toll.  When you are digging out your house, you are not working and the companies/ businesses that produce are idle…problem

2- Federal debt has capital scared to deploy.  Long term fix requires harsh cuts in Medicare,  Social Security etc.  Who has the huevos to do it?  Not anyone I have seen!

3-You can’t get a loan without a major proctology exam along with a severe beating.  No loans, small biz can’t grow.  Simple math.

4-Our major industry..construction is in a depression.  What will take its place?  Better question..what 5 industries can take its place.

5- Healthcare plan on horizon.  Don’t like it?  Then get a waiver if you are big enough.  The rest of us just get the shaft.

6- Wage scales in AZ are on the low end and will continue that way until demand picks up for goods and services.  Can’t buy homes, cars, education, clothes, food and gas on poverty level wages..oh and these folks are not paying taxes.  Local AZ Government receipts are down and the food and sales tax increase is being used to help support the bloated salaries and benefits of top officials…not on your schools system.

Going forward we need more representatives that support the small business person…not necessarily the big biz people…they got their bailout.   Small business creates 75% of the job growth and we are wading through the mud of over regulation, lack of capital availability and a generally poor business realtionship with the folks in Washington D.C.

Muddle through people…we will make it!

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Sometimes it’s hard to take our own medicine but I stood outside our office yesterday and saw how many people were coming to St. Mary’s Food Bank..so much that it required parking lot attendants and directional signs. If you are feeling sorry for yourself, stop by 31st Ave and Thomas and see how other people have it.  So I thought up some things we all should do over the holidays.

1-      Stop whining…everyone has been affected by the economic crisis

2-      Exercise more…lose weight, feel better about yourself and for stress relief.

3-      Take time to listen to what people are saying…think about someone else first

4-      Clean your desk…get rid of post-it-notes and junk, coffee stains, leftover food…you’ll look organized even if you are not.

5-      Be a mentor…see someone that has good intentions but needs a little help… You do it!

Have a good Thanksgiving!


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Over the last several weeks,  I have had the opportunity to interview currently employed candidates looking for a new job.  What makes these people different is:

1-They weren’t stupid enough to quit a job before they had another one.

2- Almost all said they were under appreciated at their present company.

Why should you care? Because if you are whipping your employees like a three-legged greyhound in the 8th race, you are going to lose them just when you will need them the most.  I am not saying that you should hand hold everyone, but realize  there are a few individuals you will need in order to grow your business going forward.  Many owners I speak with are not seeing this train coming down the track.  I know of an instance where the owner, after giving an across the board salary cut, tooled into work with a 100 grand classic car…can you say STUPID.

What is a guy/gal to do?  If you have cut salaries or benefits,  let the people know you will be able to restore some of these perks when the economy improves.  Buy your office staff a lunch, give movie tickets, fuel gift cards, Starbucks, or time off.  These are small cost-effective items that go along way to showing you as a human being.   So ask yourself a qustion…If the economy would improve substantially tomorrow…how many employees would you lose to others or even worse…COMPETITORS?

Start a damage control program before it’s too late

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Many people that follow me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/MomentumMike) like when I tweet about what job seekers do in interviews.  If I wasn’t here, I probably would have a hard time believing it.  In a way…it is kind of sad that people really do/say these stupid things.  Oh crap…its hilarious!  Here is a list of 10 things I have been told by job seekers.

1- I am cancelling my interview because I ride a scooter and do not go into Phoenix (kind of limits your job market)

2-Me: What hours are you available for work? Applicant: ALL..but not Sat/sun, Friday PM or at nite + i don’t like the Sun…

3- Applicant cover letter: Hello, I just moved from Illinosi to the Phoenix area and would lovbe to get started working….

4- Applicant just came in with directions on applying ..HIGHLITED, but did not follow them..WTF

5- What does ‘fill out app online and come to the office mean” Apparently, Call about the job, stop by without online app

6- Why did you quit your last job? Applicant: My last boss had a ‘thing’ with being on time…he was an a-hole…

7-Wife hits spouse with application clipboard in office

8- Female applicant wears a tube top, with her breasts resting on my desk (they left a dent)

9- Job applicant: I am here for the welding job. Mike: Did you fill out the application online per instructions? Applicant: NO, you are an A-hole

10-  Guy tried to heat dog urine on way to drug test ( hey, he is having puppies)

Of course, I have a tons more from my seven years in the Staffing Business.  I will be sure to share them along the way so maybe some of these people will wise up.

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I wanted to compile some thoughts on my recent visits, with customers, vendors and friends over the past few weeks along with some other observations:  

  • The guy who works the front desk at my gym was asleep all three days I visited the facility.  Today he had on a hooded sweatshirt on backwards covering his face while sitting upright.  I wrote about the same guy months ago (http://tinyurl.com/yc4lojf) and he is still there!
  • I went to a presentation by a local bank.  The president said we had a morale obligation to pay our debts (mortgage, credit cards etc).  This is from someone who got bailout money.   He didn’t talk about how the bank was pulling credit lines, reducing loans for customers who were never late on a payment or delinquent.  Moral obligation?
  • I was not in favor of bailouts but when we have a line around the block downtown today, so people can get help on their mortgage…that is a HUGE problem.  Who is bailing out ‘Joe Six-pack’…and what’s worse is he is providing the tax dollars to help others…who made worse decisions than him.
  • I feel the local job market is about the worst it can get…does not look like any relief anytime soon.  I predict that when the economy improves, companies will temp workers to make sure it will be sustained.
  • Most networking events I attend are full of people using used car selling tactics that run off most of the good people.  If you are doing this?  STOP
  • Most customers I speak with are pretty down about their business in general, what will be the catalyst to change our opinion? 

As always, I welcome your comments either good or bad.  If you have  questions or concerns regarding interviewing tips, see our website and YouTube site for advice.  You can see both at http://www.momentumtrans.com/

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Staffing your office in this new economy has never been more challenging. Posting on job boards will get you hundreds of non qualified candidates that will waste valuable time for your already limited office staff. You may have already faced some of the challenges listed below. 


  • Do you have current employees that you should replace but do not have the time and/or ability to do it in secrecy?
  • Are you wasting time talking to applicants who can’t follow directions, show up dressed inappropriately, or just don’t qualify?
  • Do you have a current database filled with 14,000 candidates that were previously interviewed to assist your screening process?
  • Are new employees drug screened, background checked, and is past employment being verified?
  • Do you have a plan for the H1N1 (swine flu) outbreak when it attacks your office?
  • Are immigration laws being followed so Sheriff Joe does not pay a visit to your facility?


Many staffing companies claim that they perform duties you take for granted.  What would you do if you had a legal issue and your staffing company was not doing the proper due diligence?  Most companies believe in error, that this will be a problem for the staffing vendor.  THAT IS INCORRECT.  The company will be the ultimate backstop for any litigation.  Deeper pockets (your company?) require protection from the staffing company doing the job you pay them to do.   Please make sure you ask your staffing vendor for a ‘shadow file’.  This is file that shows you the completed work on the candidate, including pre-employment drug screen.  This way you will be sure your investment is being put to good use.

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