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15,000 in Valley vie for jobs at McDonald’s



Although it is good that they have openings, the volume of applicants shows you how desperate people have become.  These jobs have traditionally been for people in transition.  College and High School kids, people looking for a second job…not a primary position.   With minimum wage jobs you generally do not have to pay much in the way of taxes, cannot afford a home and much in the way in discretionary spending.   We need more serious discussions on how we will attract higher paying jobs, which in turn will help the economy here in Arizona.  Support for my argument can be seen in the drop in sales tax revenue, the State was counting on to supposedly balance the budget.  The forecasts are for far less revenue than anticipated.   You know why? People don’t have the money or are scared to spend it…pure and simple.

Here are some of the coming hurdles:

1-      Bush tax cuts are expiring

2-      Elections in November

3-      Unknown higher expenses of health care costs going forward

4-      Frozen credit markets for homes and businesses

Small business will not drag the economy forward until these items are more clear to make reasonable plans.  Right now, cash is king,  because you cannot borrow even if your business model has proven successful.  Sell our State for the right reasons.  We have a large labor force, housing is the cheapest in the country and our weather .  (see earlier post http://tinyurl.com/yf2gwas)  Our political and economic system is broken and the best we can hope for is a Republican  Congress in order to create gridlock.  It sounds dumb but increased meddling by the Feds only makes things worse.


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