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Well…that is a very good question.  So how about some bullet point answers:

1- The flooding, tornadoes, and other disasters are taking a big toll.  When you are digging out your house, you are not working and the companies/ businesses that produce are idle…problem

2- Federal debt has capital scared to deploy.  Long term fix requires harsh cuts in Medicare,  Social Security etc.  Who has the huevos to do it?  Not anyone I have seen!

3-You can’t get a loan without a major proctology exam along with a severe beating.  No loans, small biz can’t grow.  Simple math.

4-Our major industry..construction is in a depression.  What will take its place?  Better question..what 5 industries can take its place.

5- Healthcare plan on horizon.  Don’t like it?  Then get a waiver if you are big enough.  The rest of us just get the shaft.

6- Wage scales in AZ are on the low end and will continue that way until demand picks up for goods and services.  Can’t buy homes, cars, education, clothes, food and gas on poverty level wages..oh and these folks are not paying taxes.  Local AZ Government receipts are down and the food and sales tax increase is being used to help support the bloated salaries and benefits of top officials…not on your schools system.

Going forward we need more representatives that support the small business person…not necessarily the big biz people…they got their bailout.   Small business creates 75% of the job growth and we are wading through the mud of over regulation, lack of capital availability and a generally poor business realtionship with the folks in Washington D.C.

Muddle through people…we will make it!


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Call me an old fogie but I still like to read the newspapers every day.  One reason to read The Arizona Republic is the columns by Laurie Roberts.  Her column today deals with the foreclosure crisis and the dummies that make it worse for you and all taxpayers.  See the article at http://www.azcentral.com/members/Blog/LaurieRoberts/108454.   Because we bailed out these insolvent institutions they have no incentive to haggle over your unpaid mortgage.  The worst part is the Feds are using  your own tax dollars to screw you.  Just like a criminal that asks you for ammunition and uses your own gun to shoot you.  Her article points out that we are running people out of properties for far less money than it would take to keep them in the house…Sound dumb?  People complain about the regulation on Wall Street, and foreclosure theft is happening on a daily basis.  Notice that in her article that private investors are more than willing to make a profit off of this government stupidity…I’m annoyed I didn’t think of it first!

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You would think in this job market individuals would respond rather promptly to an interview request. That is not the case. We posted some open positions on a job board and had the following results.

944 resumes submitted

500 applications submitted

55 interviews done

This is what the posting said:

If you meet the requirements listed above, please follow the directions below to apply for this position.



3. Bring picture ID

944 resumes! Not following directions is a whole other issue but 500 applications and only 50 people bothered to come into the office. If you are out of work and you see instructions like these I would be down at the office immediately. In a tight job market you must respond urgently with your head and then your feet. The jobs were all filled and most on the first day after the posting.

 Gun slinging resumes while you watch Judge Judy is not looking for a job. You need face time with a hiring manager. If you get invited to interview…GO. You just may find a job.

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Advertisements seem to be in every city, in almost every newspaper about career or interview coaching services. These seminars and courses are designed to help job seekers hone their skills, as they look for work in this difficult economy. Who is actually giving these seminars? Are the sponsors someone who has interviewed hundreds of people or just read a book about how to interview? If you are going to pay for advice on your job search, make sure you are getting advice from an expert, not a pretender. What should you learn from interview coaching? · The dos and don’ts of interviewing · Knowing how to understand what job goals are realistic based on your experience/education level · How to properly answer difficult interview questions · Importance of following directions · Practice interview scenarios · Receive a Binder with resources to reference along with personal critique sheets.  Make sure you select someone who has interviewing experience and understands what employers are looking for. You need to feel confident you are getting actual battle tested knowledge not something out of a magazine someone memorized.

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