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I am currently writing an e-book on the Kindle format about how to find a job in this economy.  I want to make the book especially for people who are currently unemployed and give them a guide that will produce 3-4 good tips in a 20 minute read.  No filler or BS.  I am covering the current job market, social media and the job search, pre, during and post interview tactics and humorous stories I have accumulated about the dumb things applicant do in my office.  I expect to have this done about the first of the year.  I am asking if there are any questions you may have that I could answer in the book.  Please feel free to comment on this page.  Thanks


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The more I hash over the economic issues, the more I am convinced there is only one way to fix the problem.  Revamp the tax code…meaning throw it all out!  When I was advising high net worth clients, they had armies of people helping them avoid taxes.  The richer they were, the bigger the tax returns, trust documents and shell corporations, to hide income. Why do we need to do all that?  Because we have a huge industry of lawyers, accountants and specialists that would be out of business.  These folks make a lot of $$$  (and vote) and it won’t be easy ripping that income away from them.  Until you make it easy to pay taxes you will have problems collecting and maintaining your base because people come up with new ways to avoid paying.  Make it easy.  Everyone pays something. Lay offs for the IRS , Lawyers and Accountants are your only downside.  What’s wrong with that?

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Many people that come to the office still think that we make 100% of the employment decisions.  That’s just  not true.  We advise clients on who to hire…but they make the final decision.  Here are some examples:

1- Applicants are upset/rude that they do not fit the job requirements…then act like an ass as they leave the building.

2- We are not at fault for your past criminal activity, boozing behind the wheel, or horrible work history.  That is your fault.

3-We apologize  that we cannot always call back, comfort, or advise everyone we talk to.  Our limited staff can only address open positions and people who qualify for them.

What I do want to point out is that Staffing Companies like ours, can be a good resource for job-seekers.  Treating these businesses with some respect may land you a position later on….instead of burning a bridge.  If you are wondering why employers hire companies like ours…just see the 3 examples above.

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Let’s lay out some facts:

1- Gas prices are going through the roof

2-Transportation costs for goods are increasing, capacity to move goods has shrunk

3- Small business creates 75% of new job growth

4-Raw materials, insurance, workers comp claims, Government regulation has increased

Take these increased costs out of an already strained budget and you have less money to hire people.  In Arizona, we have a car based economy.  Everything you purchase is moved by a vehicle.  When fuel prices go up, who pays the increased cost?  Some magic fairy?  No,  business and the consumer.  The transportation industry has been taking it in the shorts for years, so they decreased their fleets (less trucks) and now we will all compete for a smaller logistics system to move goods…meaning you will pay more.

It will take time for business and consumers to adjust to the new increases in cost.  Only after this happens, will we be able to move the job market forward…for me its looking like next fall.


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I thought today would be a good day to pass along my 2011 predictions for the economy, employment and other stuff I find interesting.  Here we go:

1-Temp work will continue to grow as the economy improves.  But…this will be on the blue-collar and low-end of the wage scale.  50k plus jobs will be hard to find since we are not creating these jobs in the Valley.

2-Gas at 3 bucks a gallon will impact everything since that cost is passed on to the consumer or end-user.  Employment will be hit because your workers  will not be able to commute to low wage jobs across the Valley.  Recruiting for these jobs will be zip code specific.

3-Will banks lend more in 2011?  Only if the Government makes them or mitigates most of their risk.  They appear fat and happy right now.

4-Lawsuits will continue against big banks for their handling of the foreclosure crisis.  More States will sue, even more regulation will pass.  The only thing that changes behavior is ” a large pocketbook deduction” expect that to make our banking system less evil.

5-Obamacare is essentially toast.  Republicans will block funding and try to renegotiate the rules.  Expect this to be a big issue in the next election

6- President Obama wins reelection (yes that is 2012) but I’m calling my shot now.  Economy will be better and the nations mood less sour.  Mr. Obama is taking a play out of Mr. Clintons playbook…move to center.  Plus I don’t see viable candidates to run against him…Sarah Palin?  yea right.

7- Real Estate if you have cash is going to make the next Bill Gates.  Inflation is coming, so get some hard assets.  Forget about bank loans.

8-Hiring will be more difficult.  Enormous amounts of people out of work for years will require tons of money to retrain and get ready to be productive.  Less than 30% of the Hiring Managers actually have had training in interviewing people.  That is mine field of lawsuits waiting to happen.

9-Twitter, Linked-in and Face book will be used more and more as a recruiting tool for workers

10-The New Economy.  Less credit, more cash purchases and buyers looking for a deal.  Don’t have any? You are toast.  Companies will wait longer to buy equipment, hold back on inventories and hire only necessary workers.  Individuals will buy fewer cars, appliances, leisure trips etc until they replenish some of what they have lost over the last few years.  All in all a smarter consumer.

As always, I encourage your debate as well.  Coming up next week my blog review of last years predictions…successes and failures


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This continues to be a tough job market in Phoenix but I am still seeing no signs that the unemployed have raised their game to meet the challenge.  For those of you that are new to my blog,  I base all of my comments on street level observations.  No University studies or polls done by groups outside of the employment arena.  I still feel that looking for a job is a skill, that needs to be taught.  Learning while doing only serves to make the unemployed…unemployable.  Here are some recent observations:

1- Making appointments for interviews is a waste of time 60% no-show.

2- Applications contain disconnected or wrong phone numbers.  Some have voice mails with profanity laced hip-hop music.

3- Inappropriate  email addresses like ICYmama@, Umybitch@ or Dadylovesdacrack@ (yes).

4- Starting interview with “I just need a job”, “how many vacation days?” or “my mom is waiting for me in the car”.

5-Answering your cell phone in the interview.

6- Incomplete applications with no job history or gaps in employment.

7- No understanding that DUI’s can keep you from getting a job.

8- Not sending a thank-you for the interview..I have received 2 in the last year.

9-Absolutely no knowledge of what the company actually does. (very lazy considering all the access via internet)

10- Personal hygiene issues, nose hair, uncombed hair, pants and shirts that are to revealing, women with 2 gallons of Charlie perfume doused on 90% of their body.

I know I have  written  about these issues before but apparently no one seems to listen.  With competition for jobs at historically high levels you must make every effort to stand out in the interview.  Even during the last 2 years, an outstanding interview will still land you a job quicker than if you just phone in the performance.  Why is this important?  Because the employed workforce and business is paying a heavy price in unemployment insurance, government benefits and reduced tax revenues.  The costs of the mistakes affect you almost as much as the unemployed.  For everyone’s sake step up your game!

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When you have hundreds of people coming into your office for interviews, you develop an opinion of people pretty quick.   I like people to come in, introduce themselves and state the reason for the visit.  Here is an example:  Hi,  my name is Devon Peabody  and I was inquiring about your open positions. Sure Devon!  Here is what I get about 95% of the time:

1- Are you guys a job service?

2- Are you guys Monumental Staffing? (it’s Momentum)

3- My buddy gave me your name and said you could get me a job

4- If this is a staffing service, I hate them ALL!

5- DES sent me to fill out a slip saying I looked for a job

6- Do you have any jobs?

If you think this is just for blue-collar positions your would be mistaken.  All levels of workers commit this error.  Before you enter a staffing company,  research what they do so you can be impressive when you arrive.  Do you know why people act this way in our office? My theory is that folks don’t consider it a “real interview”.  They think we (staffing firms) are some extension of a government office and they can act/say whatever they want.

SOOO practice your greeting and see a few more doors open

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