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1- Why do we keep discussing the post office and their antiquated service and bloated budget.  Sell it to someone that can make it work.  The employees are overpaid and this program is a luxury we can not afford anymore.

2- Why does everyone wait around for the Fed to do something?  They are only printing money like toilet paper and keeping interest rates at all time lows.  Hey Fed! Do nothing…the market will adjust better by itself.

3- The stock market is a speculator driven free-for-all casino gambling institution. Beware!

4- The past week of interviews has totally convinced me that unemployment will be high (north of 8%) for the foreseeable future.  Companies will only  hire  folks that can add value on day one.  Temping will become even more practical as business deals with increased cost associated with employees.

5- Obamacare is a HUGE contributor to unemployment.  Companies are not hiring because they are concerned about the costs associated with a big Gov’t program.  Sorry liberals, this deal is an economic ‘killer’.

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I was recently asked by a few colleagues to comment on the state of employment in Arizona.  Unfortunately, I  have not removed my pom-poms from storage as of yet.  That is not what people want to hear but it is a fact…We are going to be in slow growth employment for the foreseeable future.  Job growth openings for my firm are much improved BUT the climate is totally different from years past.  Employers are more cautious when making commitments and they want to see more candidates than ever before.  AND they only want to see the candidates that have industry specific skills.  If you are a ‘career changer’ you are pretty much out of luck.  Background issues can also derail your job search.  We are not talking about the guy/gal that pistol whipped grandma down at the liquor store they robbed but DUI’s and minor offenses.  There are just too many candidates with zero problems to focus on.   Displaced middle age people (like me) are even having a harder time because middle manager positions were just plain eliminated and are now not needed.  Bad news for retirement planning, keeping your home out of foreclosure and feeding your kids.  What is the solution?  Glad you asked.  Our peeps at the Legislature and Governor’s office must focus on attracting good companies to the area.  NOT spending time on fighting the Feds over trivial matters.   When you have this many fires to put out, you need to focus on the big ones…not the dumpster fire.   We are over paying the double dippers and higher city officials like we were running a casino, not a garage sale.  Going forward the only solutions they will come up with is taxing the smaller minority of people and businesses that are actually making money but that well is running dry also.  So jump on the internet and ask your Reps what the heck they are doing down there to get companies to move here or you can expect huge budget cuts and tax increases to compensate for the their continued foolishness.

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With the new year brings the opportunity to improve your staff or make some timely additions.  Before you run out thinking that Mr./Mrs. Fantastic is just sitting around waiting for your call…we better get a few things straight:

1- You will not find too many “gems” in the vast amount of unemployed people.  When you do..you better act fast.  I spoke to one prospect that sat on resumes for 3 weeks..guess what?  The good ones were gonzo!

2- Speaking of resumes.  Is that all you are using to screen applicants?  Most of these are just a poorly written commercial complete with BS, incomplete dates of employment and phony schooling.  You must actually talk to people to hire the good ones.  Yes…that means good old-fashioned in person interviews.

3- You cannot hire a person that is great at everything!  You must focus on the 3 areas you need to accomplish and hire for those first.  You will have to train the person on other tasks.

4- Training? Yes, you will actually need to spend time developing your team.  Don’t have the time.  Be prepared for a 20% increase in your salary target for that position.

5- Plan ahead.  Good candidates are cheaper now but as the economy improves, they will be harder to locate and you will be left bidding up your salary’s for the Bronze Medal Winner.  You can quote me on that!

How are businesses doing?  We work with over 85 different companies and it has been better so far.  The problem is lack of funding.  You know how I hate the banks, and they are still not helping with capital to small business.  Unless you have a ton of collateral for a loan, you are not going to get any help from them.  When they loosen up…business will get a lot better!

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Before I get ranting, I want to point out that the new OBAMACARE will not improve on anything I discuss.  In fact, it will only make it worse.

My son is 16 and has been playing football.  He hurt his thumb last Tuesday and after a few days it just got worse.  So we went to his doctor and got pawned off on the “person playing the doctor” in his office.  She said we would need an x-ray and sent us 10 miles away to get one.  We get the X-ray and then have to wait 2 hours for someone to read it…well I pulled the x-ray out in the car and could see it was broken (for no fee).  Later I got a call from the ‘play doctor’  and she told me he would probably need surgery and gave me a list of hand specialists to call quick!

So I started calling and quickly found out that every specialist was in Del Mar or out playing golf.  My wife and I called some folks and got the name of a specialist that we were able to see yesterday…Great…but when we got there the guy didn’t “do hands”  (this was discussed earlier on the phone with the Bimbo receptionist) They suggested we walk over to Dr. Frumpelnuts next door.   Guess where Doc Frumpelnuts was? …in Del Mar for 3 weeks.

But I digress…Have you spoken to these folks who answer the phone in the Doctor’s offices? First of all, when you ask a question you are responded to with another question: “what insurance do you have?’.  I bet if I was bleeding out in the office reception area, I would still be asked these 4 or 5 questions out of the Doofuss Receptionist’s Handbook for Doctor’s Offices.

So…We finally find someone to look at the thumb, set up a surgery time and get a splint.  I get sent to a special place to buy this splint.  Well it costs $200!  The same splint is at Walgreen’s for 16 bucks.  So before I walked out, I asked the guy why his was so expensive.  He said that “his was better and made well”.  I figured the Chinese kids who made his got more than 2 bucks a week for work, while the Walgreen’s brand worker got a quarter.

BTW did you know Vicodin, the crap that people get addicted to only costs like 3 bucks??  Hell,  My asthma inhaler is $50, so I might as well get high as kite also.

I love to share and I hope you do too..please post some comments or give to a friend to read…and more importantly…STAY HEALTHY

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If it is a 12 round fight we are probably in round 6.   Why do I think we are are in the middle part of this struggle”

-Gold is at an all time high.  Our Government is broke and so are most of the European Union

-The stock market is like a roller coaster and making most people sick.  It is still an ‘insiders’ game.

-Local real estate/building/construction is still in the dumper. No loans for good projects, more home owners may chose to just ‘walk away’

-The credit market is still frozen.  Talked to anyone that has got a business loan lately?

-Natural disasters like oil spills, tornados, flooding..consume vast amounts of resources that cannot be used elsewhere.

-The weight of Obamacare has not really hit the balance sheet of most companies..but it will, leading to less jobs available.

-Our immigration law is costing us money and jobs.  Regardless of what side you are on..’principles’ have a dollar cost.

So what is the good news?  It is not going to get worse!  Locally, we have streamlined business to operate leaner, with less capital, and less workers.  Immigration hoopla will eventually die down, because we have a short memory and limited time.  Homes are more affordable than ever,  and without all of Mother Natures torments, we have a great place to live.  Now we need a full-court press to get some new industry here.  When you are voting make sure you pick someone that recognizes this and don’t get caught up in the ‘irrelevant BS’ we are dealing with currently.

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As a business owner, I am trying to figure out how our new health care bill will impact my business and clients.  So before some of you go off the deep end…I think we need some sort of heath-care legislation but this is not it!   So I put out some requests for info on my social media sites.  One of my friends,  Brent Ghelfi had the most relevant comments.  Brent is not just an ordinary friend.  We have known each other since 6th grade and have a long history of getting into trouble and having strong opinions.  Brent is a business owner, Attorney(yuk), and author.  His comments are based on experience not something he read in a book or heard over at Starbucks from his academic friends.  I am printing his comments below.  The question was:  How will health care impact your business?

1. Fewer ERs will hire FTEs. (full-time employees)
2. Some ERs will try to downsize to below 50 EEs.
3. Some entrepreneurs won’t open new businesses because of the uncertainty, higher costs, and greater risk a bureaucrat or IRS agent will knock on their door and claim they violated some obscure provision of the statute (or one of the even more obscure, weedlike regulations and “statutory interpretations” that are coming soon)…. See More

So, all in all, a mixed bag for the staffing business. Another guy’s headache is good news for the pharmacist, right?

Another way to look at it is this. If you want more of something, subsidize it. If you want less, tax it. We can all speculate about what kind of “more” we’re going to get, but we don’t have to speculate that we’ve just placed a tax on employment.

Did you notice something about his rant?  No mention of Republican, Democrat, Tea Party or other political malcontents.  Because he made a pure economic argument free of all the BS that encompasses everything in the D.C.  Has everyone forgot about economics? We allow people to go to Congress that have never had a real job, are insulated by layers of incompetent staff, and pass laws that they are exempt from.  What a country!

Many of you don’t realize that a majority of this bill is still being written…after is passed!.  That would be like me giving you a contract, you approve it, then I make additions to the document that you must abide by.

It is not a political party thing, it is a common sense thing.  Let people know that 2+2 is still 4 and not 6.   Love that D.C. math!

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