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That is exactly what the Arizona Department of Economic Security is doing right now.  I have had several cases where the temp assignment ended and another job offer was made..turned down…and benefits granted. Can you believe that?  Here are some others I have learned about:

– Tested positive for drugs on the job- Unemployment benefits granted

– Not showing up for your shift and not calling-Unemployment benefits granted

– Stealing from the employer-Unemployment benefits granted

– Saying you are moving out of State and quitting  job-Unemployment benefits granted

I have many cases that illustrate the lunacy that permeates the DES.  The cost of this travesty is driving up the expenses of every legit employer in this town.  We have a fixed amount of benefit money for the people who deserve it, and they will be shortchanged by the DES so they can support people who don’t want to work.  Think this doesn’t affect you??  Well?

– Do you think some ‘Fairy’ flies down and pays these benefits?

– The increased cost to business makes fewer funds available to spend in the economy

– The cost is passed on  to the end-user ..Oh that is you!

– Less money to spend, means less hiring by business.

I have forgotten to included the cost in man hours to deal with the “DES Kangaroo Court’.  Phone hearings, paperwork, responses, and administration work to give benefits to deadbeats.  Most companies have to employ one person just to deal with them.  Boss Hog from the Dukes of Hazard would be proud to run this group of people.

If this is something that bothers you, please forward to your friends.  I can provide real cases to back up what I am saying, I bet you can find a few folks who realize the DES stands for Destructive to Economic Security

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This is a post I put on AZ central .com.  Re: article in the paper yesterday. Here is the link.


I think the rules of investing have changed forever.  Everything I learned in the investment business and in school is not true.  Most individuals don’t realize that the SEC and the alphabet soup regulators only care about the minutia of the investment business, not the real problems that exist…i.e. Madoff.   The big boys just get a government bailout, or use the court system to circumvent paying the price of bad management.  The problem with the current diversification strategy is almost everything went down in unison, leaving Joe Six-pack out in the cold, 4 or 5 years from retirement.  Market timing is even a bigger joke since this strategy can’t beat the S & P 500 consistently.   Not to mention, the fees these jokers make.  The trading strategies currently being used by the bailout companies are fueling the market right now, a reward for being stupid the last 10 years. The only way you will change the system is to put these guys in the general population of Federal prison and allow the firms to go broke.  Just like it happens in the real world.

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 What will it take to reach a bottom in the real estate market and the stock market? It is pretty simple: when the scared money is done selling the market will improve. When investors for foreclosure properties have a lot of competition to purchase…you will reach a bottom in the housing market. Going forward the rules for investing and buying a home will change. It will be also harder to get credit, but banks have a ton of money and sooner or later they will not be able to pay their bills by NOT  loaning money. I know some of the big bank are in trouble but let them go with the likes of Chrysler and General Motors. That is money down a hole we will never get a return on.

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Since the small company culture is so different than a large company you need to be careful when hiring these employees.  Many big companies have spoiled their workers with perks that are not available at smaller businesses.  Health care, travel, retirement benefits, technology, time off can and are limited in the small business world.   Some other items to be aware of:


1-      Large company employees are interested in 401k match, severance packages and the desire for an equity stake (stock options)

2-      They may expect to travel first class, use all the airline miles, eat at expensive restaurants and have administrative support

3-      Lots of meetings are the norm

4-      Small offices require different skills to communicate. (less e-mails, more face-to-face time)

5-      Small companies require you to do more jobs…not exactly what you were hired for.


I am not saying do not look at these candidates, but be careful to examine how they will fit in your small company culture.  If your are moving from a big to small company, keep these differences in mind when you interview.

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 If you watch TV like me, I am sure you have seen the ads about selling your gold, pitched by two has-been performers.  Do you think this is a really good idea?  I can positively say if you see this stuff on TV they could care less about helping you but just want to take advantage of gullible consumers.  A couple other ideas that are getting time on TV are:


1-people trying to fix your credit or help on a foreclosure

2- stock market trading strategies to get rich (always a loser)

3-buying foreclosed property


If you investigate these ‘investment opportunities’ just ask a simple question.


How do you get paid?


Generally if you get a lot of double speak…it’s a scam.  With all the problems in the economy the last year don’t let your desperation turn into a profit for someone else!

see my youtube site for my comments in the media  www.youtube.com/user/MichaelHayesSpeaks

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