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Have you seen the lines to job fairs?  Have you seen the people in line?  One person has a suit and the other guy has a “I’m with stupid’ t-shirt.  Some other random observations: 

-News coverage after the event always focuses on how job seekers were disappointed in the results.

 -A lot of companies are not really hiring.  Is this being verified before they come to the event?

 -Are job seekers going to get a fair interview with 2000 people wandering around during the interview?

 -As a person working for clients to find quality candidates, will I find them in this environment? …Probably not

 -You have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than getting a job at these fairs.

 Your time would be better spent networking with friends and calling past customers, vendors etc. for advice and council.  If you still want to go to these fairs, GO…but lower your expectations and don’t expect a miracle.


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Many people are looking for an edge when it comes to the interview process.  Being able to speak in public and in an interview situation can make up for deficits you may have elsewhere.   Have you ever noticed that the person with the best ‘schmoozing skills’ is generally a very good speaker?  Do you have a great resume but have a hard time making your point?  Have you ever listened to yourself on tape and wondered who the person was?


You can attend a few meetings free and the dues are really affordable.  There are many clubs in Arizona, so you can try a few out and decide the club that fits you best.

During the weekly meeting you will have a chance to schedule a prepared speech, evaluate speeches done by others and participate in impromptu sessions called table topics that will sharpen and improve your speaking ability.   The atmosphere is very supportive and is designed to improve your abilities in front of an audience.  Correcting these mistakes in speech at a friendly meeting

If you want more information about my club, call Stuart Dille at the ARIZONA SMALL BUSINESS ASSOCIATION 602-265-4563 OR sdille@asba.com

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